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  • Scholars From Aalen University in Germany Visit NECO

    Visiting students from German University receive lectures, interactive workshops, labs, and clinical observation

  • Students & Faculty Participate in "Eyes on Capitol Hill" and Prevent Blindness Summit

    NECO Students and faculty travel to Washington DC to advocate for vision and eye health

  • Hilary Hamer, Class of 2017, Receives Research Grant from Beta Sigma Kappa

    Student Researcher will investigate “A Visual Memory Mechanism for Binocular Summation in Alternating Stroboscopic Vision Therapy” with Dr. Panorgias

Upcoming Events

  • Light InSight Lecture Series Susana Marcos presents "Aberrations of the Eye"

  • Light InSight Lecture Series Mark Rea presents "Light and Lighting"

  • Light InSight Lecture Series Jane Gwiazda presents "Light as a Potential Treatment for Myopia in Children"