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  • National Expert Panel on Vision and Eye Health Makes Recommendations for Preschool-Aged Children

    NECO Professors Bruce Moore and Stacy Lyons share their expertise as part of the National Expert Panel for the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health

  • Low Vision Community Takes Note of NECO Student Research

    Student Research included in the Review of Optometry and Vision Aware

  • OD/PhD Student Stephanie Adams wins Lurie Center for Autism Award

    Student works with NECO professor Barry Kran, OD, Celia Hinrichs, OD ‘79, and Susan Conners, MD to make adaptations for patients with autism

Faculty Profile

Erik Weissberg, OD, Director of Clinical Education
All I ask from students is that they contemplate the enormous responsibility that accompanies the knowledge and skills they are gaining as a result of their optometric education. From that starting point, the path to becoming an impactful doctor is clear.

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I was especially drawn to NECO's emphasis on reinforcing classroom learning with a hands-on clinical approach starting in our first year with vision screenings and continuing in a variety of different sites around the city.
Emily Schwartz, 4 Year Program Student