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  • InfantSEE Dinner with Tom Sullivan a Success!

    Faculty, students, and alumni enjoy a night at the Colonnade with Dr. Glen Steele from InfantSee and entertainer Tom Sullivan

  • NECO students participate in Boston Vision Walk

    Team “In Sync and Out of Sight” help raise awareness and funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness

  • Dr. Andrew McLeod interviewed about Halloween contact lenses

    Counterfeit contact lenses are causing long-term eye problems for people who wear them for Halloween.

Faculty Profile

Beth Harper, Clinical Faculty
It makes me smile to see the look on my students' faces when they finally master a skill they've been working on. It's what all teachers enjoy most, the "Ah ha!" moment when the clinical skills and classroom knowledge blend together.

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I was especially drawn to NECO's emphasis on reinforcing classroom learning with a hands-on clinical approach starting in our first year with vision screenings and continuing in a variety of different sites around the city.
Emily Schwartz, 4 Year Program Student