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At NECO, we take a holistic approach to our admissions process and consider all aspects of the application when making decisions. We look to enroll and serve students who have demonstrated academic excellence, commitment to optometry, and potential to be great members of our community and the profession of optometry. We look forward to learning about your experiences and your story.

If you feel stuck at any stage, just reach out to our Admissions team. We’ll direct you to the right resources, talk through your situation and challenges, and even review your transcript if you wish. Helping you find the right path is what we’re here for.

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3+4 Programs & Partners

Accomplished and motivated students may accelerate their education and professional opportunities by participating in a joint degree partnership program with NECO and an undergraduate institution.

Partner institutions may have different models, so be sure to inquire at NECO or your undergraduate institution for details early.

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No Bachelor's Degree? Get a Bachelor of Science from NECO

  • You can simultaneously participate in the four-year OD program (entering with 90 qualifying credit hours) and apply for a Bachelor of Science in Optometry from NECO.
  • Earn the latter by completing 12 semester hours of humanities and 12 semester hours of social sciences prior to entry and meeting other requirements. 
  • Contact the Admissions Office for more details.

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