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We encourage you to view all of our student blogs, which provide more insight into the day-to-day world of an OD student.  Below are some of the most popular blogs.

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Advice from an NBEO High Scorer

1) Stick to a study method that works for you, don’t reinvent the process now. 2) Start studying early, I started in mid-October to allow for enough time to review all of the topical areas for the exam.

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How to Write a Wicked Awesome Personal Statement

Today I want to reach out to those prospective students out there who are trying to tackle the ever-daunting personal statement.

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What surprised me about NECO

When starting a competitive graduate program, I was extremely wary of a cutthroat environment. I was pleased to find that NECO could not be any further from that. My class is full of kind, supportive people who want to see others do well.