ION brand camera used on special training eye care equipment.

Clinical Training Center

Our Clinical Training Center is a state-of-the-art student training facility, providing access to the latest technology to best prepare students for clinical practice in any location and setting. It is used for pre-clinic training, special labs, and testing of and research on emerging equipment.

NECO Clinical Training Center Highlights

  • Two full teaching labs for optimal instruction.Overhead shot of students working at computers in clinic
  • 20 exam lanes for student training and practice.
  • Fully equipped lanes with phoropters, slit lamps, visual acuity systems, trial lenses, trial frames, and BIO lenses.
  • Digital and traditional phoropters to experience both systems for refraction.
  • 4 special testing environment lanes for students to learn on new and soon-to-market equipment.
  • Slit lamps with imaging systems to provide instant feedback to faculty.

The Clinical Training Center takes traditional clinical training and updates equipment and teaching techniques. We realize that technology is constantly changing, so we’ve built in spaces for special testing environments to present and test new innovations in technologies as they emerge, and to assess how they interact with electronic medical records.

The CTC incorporates technology to support teaching, including webcams to capture student work for discussion as well as review. Faculty can provide feedback in real-time as well as reviewing recordings later for reflection.