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MS in Vision Science

Take your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to the next level—and become the scientist/researcher that residencies, industry, and academia are seeking.

Two years of intensive education and inquiry

Through graduate-level courses and seminars, you’ll receive a broad background in vision science, in-depth training in research, and the skills to evaluate the latest developments in optometry and vision science. Classroom lessons are augmented by research colloquia providing you the opportunity to meet, learn from, and network with researchers and ethicists from around the world.

The capstone: original research with a thesis and thesis defense. You’ll delve into an area of vision science that reflects your interests and you’ll work with our graduate faculty to bring your project to life.

You’ll leave ready to contribute knowledge to the field and embark on the next stage of a career in research or science.

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A closer look at your NECO journey

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