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The most important decision of your life is about more than the classes you take. From guiding you through the admissions process, to treating your first patient, to navigating your career, we’re with you at every step.

Start making the right decision by asking questions.

  • Is there a peer mentoring program to support my first year at school?
  • Are the students fiercely competitive or do they encourage each other’s success?
  • Is there an opportunity to get involved with a healthcare community outside of class?
  • How will I learn patient relationship skills?
  • Will I be exposed to diverse patient populations and clinical settings?
  • Will the training be based in community settings and in community health centers, where I’ll be part of the patient’s team of healthcare providers?
  • Will I gain experience using lasers, microsurgical procedures, and light therapy for dry eye treatment?
  • Are faculty and staff personally invested in my success?
  • Is there an opportunity to participate in research while I’m a student?
  • Will I get help finding local housing?
  • Does the school advocate for diversity and inclusion and strive for change?
  • Do they help to place me in a job after graduation?
  • Will I learn about different practice models for optometrists?

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Our Admissions Team: Guiding you through

Our Admissions Team is committed to ensuring that your path to enrollment is as clear and stress free as possible. They provide sessions to help you get to know NECO and what makes it special and also keep you apprised of important deadlines.

The team works with individuals with specific questions and even provide transcript and resume reviews. Ask them questions big or small and learn from their webinars on financial considerations, housing, and submitting a top-notch application.