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Experience Opportunities for Research and Discovery

At New England College of Optometry, we prepare future doctors for the complexities of practicing in the real world by providing them with great professional experiences. Students can participate with faculty in research on myopia, visual impairment, juvenile macular disorders, mobile device-based technologies for vision care, retinal imaging, binocular vision and 3D displays, and color vision.

Research Focused on Improving Patients’ Lives

The research we conduct has a direct impact on patient outcomes, changing the way clinicians examine their patients and the recommended treatment options. We are advancing the frontiers of optometric knowledge through research, and translating that knowledge to improve patients’ lives worldwide. Our faculty researchers today promote fundamental and innovative discoveries, and their application, by investigating a wide range of ocular conditions, diseases, and treatments that help further our collective understanding of the eye.

Graduate Programs and Student Involvement

Dr. Jamara with four studentsWe are committed to making research experiences accessible to students who are interested in performing original research in vision science. We offer a graduate program leading to a Master of Science (MS) in Vision Science degree, as well as a joint OD/PhD program with Boston University School of Medicine.  Through our summer research programs, research lecture series, and graduate degrees, students have the opportunity to acquire research skills, knowledge, and credentials.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Collaborations with other researchers, scientists, institutions, and disciplines are an integral part of our approach to research.  Our faculty and students currently collaborate with researchers locally, in the United States, and in other countries. Collaborations include other colleges of optometry, institutions of higher learning, and research institutions.

Partnerships and Funding

Glass lit with green light under microscopeThe College invites partnerships with industry and private foundations, in addition to collaborations with investigators at other institutions. If you are interested in collaborating with our researchers, please contact Jane Gwiazda, Director of Research at New England College for Optometry,, for more information.

NECO faculty pursue external funding opportunities to advance their research activities, to reinvigorate the curriculum, to improve patient care and to promote innovation and development in the ophthalmic industry. Funding sources include state and federal governmental grants and contracts, gifts and grants from corporations and professional associations and charitable foundations.