College Research Statement

Research is necessary for faculty development, stimulation of the teaching program, research experience for students, contributing knowledge to the profession, access to broader funding, and an expanded vision for the College.

All faculty members who desire to do research should have the opportunity to do so through the allocation of time and resources for the purpose. The amount of time and resources allocated depends on several factors including the availability of resources and potential for institutional (for example, student opportunity and faculty professional development). The College shall provide funds and time to lay a basis for the submission of sound research proposals. Priority shall be given to funding projects which have potential for external funding.

Faculty members who have been assigned time to carry out research assume an expectation of evaluation (accountability) similar to that for performance in teaching. They shall strive to have their work published in peer-reviewed journals because the communication of research results is an essential part of the research process.

The College has a policy of supporting research within its resources and of assisting faculty members in the acquisition of external research funds. Faculty members establish their general research plans for the forthcoming year in discussion with their Department Chair and the Director of Research. A faculty member who wishes to carry out a research program which exceeds the College’s resources must assume responsibility for seeking funding for that research.

All research projects conducted at the College or by persons associated with the College shall be submitted through the Research Proposal Form prior to application for funding for the project. The only exceptions to this policy are: (1) projects that are sub-studies being conducted under an already approved project by NECO, (2) projects that are approved by the home academic institution of an external research student mentor.