Q & A with Dr. Ji-Chang He

Dr. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Vision Sciences. He teaches optics lab to first- and second-year students.   Dr. He talks about his latest research investigations and how these areas of focus are impacting the global community.

NECO: Tell us a bit about what you’re currently interested in researching. 

JCH: My primary area of interest is the optics of the eye and its visual performance. 

I am investigating the gradient refractive index (GRIN) of the crystalline lens of the human eye, and the optical and biometrical mechanisms underlying myopia development in schoolchildren—as related to the lens development and the other influences from the accommodative structures.   

The GRIN of the lens; determined by a special gradient distribution of the lens’s fiber cell, water and protein concentrations, is essential to the optical quality of the eye. A better understanding of the lens GRIN could be useful to optimize refractive and cataract surgeries, and to study the cellular mechanisms behind presbyopia and cataract development. 

NECO: How does this research impact people’s lives? 

JCH: Myopia has become a global epidemic. The increased earlier onset and higher progression rates have led to a higher prevalence of vision impairment worldwide. A deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying myopia development is critical to prevent its growth and control myopia progression for children.  

NECO: Which techniques are you using for your investigation?

JCH: I am using various techniques including the wavefront aberrometer, corneal topography system, Scheimpflug imaging system, and anterior segment OCT.


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