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Thank you for your interest in New England College of Optometry. We are glad you are considering applying to the College.

Below, please find information about the application process. Applicants for the four-year OD program apply on OptomCAS. Applicants for the ASIP and AODP specialty  programs apply directly to the College. If you have any questions, please contact

What is the application process?

  • 1
    Select a Program
  • 2
    Review Requirements, Fees, and Deadlines
  • 3
    Apply to a Program
  • 4
    Complete Supplemental Fee Payment

1. Select a program. 

Which program is right for you?   NECO offers a variety of programs for students to obtain their OD degree, a dual OD/MS or OD/PhD degrees, an Accelerated Optometric Degree for medical doctors and scientists interested in becoming optometrists, an Advanced Standing International Program for international optometrists or medical professionals,  and an international MS/OD China Program.  

  • Four-year Doctor of Optometry Degree Program
    The core of the College is the four-year OD program which provides students with a strong foundation in the visual, biomedical and clinical sciences, which are then integrated through a rich and diverse patient care experience. 
  • Accelerated Optometric Degree Program
    This program is designed for medical doctors and/or scientists who wish to become doctors of optometry. 
  • Advanced Standing International Program
    This program was designed for graduates of foreign optometry programs who may apply for admission with advanced standing to the Doctor of Optometry degree program. 
  • M.S./O.D. China Program
    This program combines the AODP curriculum and the Master of Science degree with joint clinical externships that include six months in Boston based rotations and six months at Wenzhou Medical College. 
  • MS in Vision Science Degree
    A stand-alone degree program designed for candidates who wish to earn a MS degree without enrolling in the College’s OD degree program. 
  • OD/MS Degree Program
    A dual degree program is designed for optometry students who wish to earn a MS degree while studying for the Doctor of Optometry degree. 
  • OD/PhD Degree Program
    A combined Doctor of Optometry and PhD degree program between NECO and the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences at the Boston University School of Medicine. 

2. Review Requirements, Fees, and Deadlines.  

Each specific program has its own application fees, dates, and deadlines. Learn more on the program pages listed above.  Candidates for each program must also fulfill specific prerequisites:

  • Academic Program Requirements
    Candidates for the degree programs must complete specific prerequisite coursework. Learn more about prequisities, the OAT test, BS in Optometry, TOEFL, and Transfer requirements.

3. Apply

  • Four-Year Applicants: All applicants to four-year optometric programs now utilize the OptomCAS web application process. Using one, centralized process, applicants can enter their data through OptomCAS and utilize the system to apply to various optometric colleges. Upon submission, the Admissions Committee reviews applications against NECO admission standards. Selected candidates are invited to come to the College for an interview. Personal interviews are required for admission. Admissions decisions are finalized within three weeks of the interview.
  • Special Programs: ASIP and AODP candidates submit their applications directly to the Admissions Office. 

4. Complete Supplemental Fee Payment

In addition to the OptomCAS fee, prospective students submit a supplemental application fee to the College.  

  • Academic Payments
    Prospective students may pay their supplemental application fee by check on online.


Over the past 4 years, my NECO family has taught me to believe in myself by pushing me out of my comfort zone to help me achieve my goals. Without my NECO support system, I would have never been able to pass all of my National Boards exams, successfully defend my Master's of Science Thesis, or match with my number one residency program. Because of NECO, I will practice with passion and confidence.

-Kelsey Jordan, OD, Class of 2017