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More to Explore as an OD 4

Graduation is quickly approaching, and I can’t believe that in 6 months my time in Boston will come to an end. Back when I was a fresh-faced undergraduate student researching different optometry schools across the USA, I was overwhelmed with the thought of having to make the life-changing decision…

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Gratitude For My NECO Family

NECO feels like home to me because of the community of people that brings light and life into my busy schedule as an optometry student. I love walking into school every day, knowing that I’ll run into a classmate who wants to share an interesting case from clinic with me, or a first- year student…

First Year Vision Screenings

When I interviewed at NECO a little over a year ago, the upper year who gave me my tour spoke about vision screenings and how one of the best things about NECO is how early on in our clinical career we get to do vision screenings. I remember so clearly thinking, “How can a first year do a vision…

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My Class Away from School

I remember that scary moment I opened the email containing my first schedule at NECO right before starting my first semester. I immediately missed those years at University of Maryland when I could freely choose my schedule. Suddenly, I could no longer avoid those early morning classes and needed…

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Learning to Become a Clinician

My second year of optometry school has been quite the journey so far! My classmates and I took 6 midterm exams in the time span of a week, I’ve been working on a research project for my Masters, and I just passed my third clinical skills exam, during which I was tested on binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy…

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Studying for my Canadian Board Examination

I’ve reached many academic milestones since I began my OD degree at NECO three and a half years ago. Every month I’ve spent at NECO has come with unique challenges and personal achievements. My most recent milestone was finally writing my Canadian Optometry Board Examination.

Am I a Bostonian Yet?

One of my favorite things about going to NECO is the location of the school. NECO is located in the heart of Back Bay, which is a community within the Boston area. I chose this school for two big reasons: 1. the multi-cultural clinic experience and 2. the location of the school.

Welcome to the Lion’s Club

This guest blog entry was contributed by Sarah, Class of 2021. She works in the Communications Office as a contributor to our social media and website. Below, she shares her experiences at the first Lion’s Club meeting of the year.

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The Meaning of Our New Coats

The Class of 2020 has officially been draped in the historical, white fabric of the healthcare profession! In the weeks leading up to our White Coat Ceremony, there was a palpable excitement among my classmates about finally receiving our white coats. Many of us took different paths to get to this…

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There’s a Club for Everybody!

There are plenty of ways to get involved outside of classes. If you are unsure which club to join, NECO hosts a club fair at the beginning of the school year. There is pretty much a club for everybody including a Spanish club if you need to brush up on your Spanish-speaking skills. It is a nice way…