Student Events

NECO prides itself on its strong community and supportive student body. We celebrate the important milestones throughout your four years, but also encourage students to find their own reasons to celebrate and come together with their peers. Student events at NECO span large formal gatherings to local volunteerism in Boston. Each student has the chance to participate in an active community at NECO.

Whether you enjoy large groups and being active, or smaller gatherings that support a singular cause, NECO hosts events of all types. Your four years here are important to your career and academic growth,  but also the personal connections you make along the way.

Acknowledging Student Achievements

White Coat Ceremony

The NECO White Coat Ceremony celebrates the milestone of students finishing their first year of optometry school and earning the privilege of serving in a clinical setting. The white coat symbolizes professionalism, trust, and caring.

A group of students wearing blue t-shirts celebrate a win at student Olympics by holding up championship trophy and cheering

NECO Olympics & Student BBQ

Students face off in some friendly competition where each class year has the opportunity to reign victorious as NECO Olympians. Events include volleyball, basketball, relay race, tug of war, corn hole, kickball, and the one mile race. NECO also hosts a student BBQ at the beginning of the term to welcome students back to campus, or those arriving for the first time.

group of students pose in formal wear at event overlooking a city skyline

Eye Ball

Each year during the Spring season, and after a lot of exams, the annual Eye Ball is held in Boston to celebrate the work of the student body and faculty. A formal affair, the Ball allows the NECO community to dress up and enjoy their peers in a less academic setting.

Public policy and advocacy opportunities

Massachusetts Society of Optometrists Student Chapter (MSOS) is a liaison between NECO students and the MSO organization. The chapter organizes educational events and lobbying opportunities in an effort to educate the community about ways to support the field.