Welcome to NECO

group of people sitting and standing around table

Welcome to NECO

Moving to a new city, starting on a new path for a future career, and meeting all kinds of people…it’s a little daunting, to say the least.

I’m from Upstate New York, where the closest city to my hometown is Syracuse. I was nervous about the transition to city life and beginning a program that would help define my career path. Luckily, after being here for about two weeks, I can confidently say I picked the right school. Not only is NECO located in the most beautiful part of Boston, but I was so surprised at how easy it is to learn how to use the MBTA system (public transit) and get to school every day.

NECO’s first-year orientation helped answer all my initial questions. Coming in as a first-year with no experience living in a city or entering a graduate program, it’s safe to say I had a ton of questions, but the staff and admissions counselors were more than happy to answer all of them. It was invaluable to hear from second-year and third-year students who had already been through it – had the same teachers we were about to have, knew the best places to study, and had tips on how to manage the workload.

Orientation was not the only event NECO planned for the start of the new year. The VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) group on campus rented out a whole club for us, and it was so fun to unwind with our new classmates in an environment outside of school. Saturday afternoon was the back-to-school barbeque, where we socialized with students from all years. Not to mention it was right in the parking lot next to campus! I think it was a cool way for us to get comfortable with the school and the location, but also to get to know our colleagues for the next four years.

Although it is still so early in the semester, I feel as though I have met a good majority of my classmates. There is a common thread that runs through every person in my grade, and it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. We are all in the same boat with this program, and we are all here for each other. Whether its sharing study tips to the Facebook group, reminding each other of upcoming due dates, or providing answers to questions we all were trying to figure out, everyone is unbelievably helpful. I’m so thankful for the comradery throughout the whole school! NECO really instills a supportive mentality, and I find that separates it from other graduate programs. I have met some amazing people so far, and I can only assume I will be meeting many, many more.