Students Explore Axial Length and Retinal Function

two students in scrubs talking and walking through doorway

On Wednesday, August 3rd, second year NECO OD/MS students gave research presentations via Zoom detailing their work over the previous year. Under the guidance of Dr. Fuensanta Vera-Diaz, Dr. Thanasis Panorgias, and Dr. Christopher Taylor of NECO, and Dr. Peter Bex of Northeastern, the students have each taken a different layer of the retina to study. The overall project that encompasses all of the students’ research attempts to detail the affect of axial length on the structure and function of their given layer.







Above is a provided diagram from the students. From top to bottom, Srinivas Srirangam researching photoreceptors (PRL), Raviv Katz studying ON/OFF bipolar cells (OPL), Rachel Harmon at the layer of lateral interactions between amacrine and horizontal cells (IPL/INL), and Simon Wong working on ganglion cell responses (GCL).

During the presentations, students were given 12 minutes of presentation time and three minutes for a question and answer period. Following the meeting, the research students gave a statement on their research.

Broadly, we are studying the relationship between axial length and retinal function. The long-term goal of the project is to explore the way that the cells of different retinal layers change in myopia (hence our nickname, the Retinal Layers Squad).”

The study is broken down into four parts, split between four second year OD/MS students: Srinivas Srirangam with photoreceptors, Raviv Katz with bipolar Cells, Rachel Harmon with amacrine and horizontal cells, and Simon Wong with ganglion cells.

“To say we’re excited about this project is an understatement. Not only will we get to see the impact of our work, but we also hope to grow as researchers. Wish us luck!”