My week at NECO in pictures

My week at NECO in pictures

Follow me for a week at NECO, in Boston; studying, working out, practicing skills, and enjoying a stop at Insomnia Cookies.


I usually take the day to catch up on notes on Sundays. We have our Anatomy and Physiology II lab practical exam coming up, so this morning I was at the school for review. After I finished up with that, my friends I went to the Boston University library to study and prepare ourselves for the week ahead. We stopped by Insomnia Cookies to get a little late night snack. I must say, the cookies were delicious!


Mondays are my busy days. I start my Mondays at 6AM. I like starting my day off early because it gives me the whole day to be productive. My first class of the day starts at 8AM, Clinical Reasoning. This semester of clinical reasoning is different from the last. We have been getting the chance to discuss cases and learn more about patient care.


On Tuesdays I have the mornings off. I like to take Tuesday mornings to catch up on lectures notes and practice some clinical skills. Today my friend and I went to the Clinical Training Center to practice some new skills that we have learned this semester: retinoscopy and subjective refraction.


I have been trying find new study spaces since I started optometry school. The Boston Public library has definitely been a great spot to study. I usually like heading straight to the library after lectures, so that I can make most out of the day. Once I check the things off my checklist for the day, I head home for the night.


Thursdays are Optics Lab days. This week in optics we were preparing for our optics lab practical exam. In this picture, I have created a 3 lens system in which an image is being created. Our lab practical exam is coming up very soon and we are trying to get in some good practice time in beforehand.


I started my Friday this week at the school at 8AM. I had my first screening of the semester today. As a first year optometry student a lot of our hands on experience in the real world comes from the screenings we attend. Last semester we learned entrance testing skills, this semester we are doing retinoscopy! Going on screenings is a great opportunity for us to learn how to engage with patients and provide care.


Today my roommate and I hit up the YMCA for a spin class at 9AM. The class was a stress reliever and it was a great way for us to take our minds off of studying for a little while. It has been a little hard balancing school and my health and fitness but this semester I am definitely trying to squeeze some more exercise!

VOSH Night Fun

We also have fun. Here I am with my friends at VOSH Night. Didn’t someone say there are eight days a week?