ACOE Accreditation Review 2021

Employing an eight year cycle the Accreditation Council om Optometric Education (ACOE) appoints a team of peer reviewers to visit the campus and assess our performance according to a set of standards that applies to all optometry schools and colleges. This team will be visiting our campus on October 27-29, 2021.

NECO Community,

As part of the ongoing process for reaccreditation, NECO is required to prepare a self-study for the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE). The self-study includes a narrative report focusing on eight standards:

  1. Mission, Goals and Objectives
  2. Curriculum
  3. Research and Scholarly Activity
  4. Governance, Accreditation, Administration and Finances
  5. Faculty
  6. Students
  7. Facilities, Equipment and Resources
  8. Clinical Management and Patient Care Policies

Employing an eight year cycle the ACOE appoints a team of peer reviewers to visit our campus and assess our performance according to the above set of standards. This team will be visiting our campus to conduct on site input from the NECO community. Dr. Bina Patel, Director of International Programs, Professor, and Faculty Chair, Dr. Sandra Mohr, Dean of Academic Resources and Administration, and Dr. Morris Berman, Adjunct Professor, will be leading our efforts in developing the report and managing the site visit.

Community involvement in this reaccreditation process is essential to presenting a self-study report that is comprehensive, introspective, and reflective of the NECO environment. We encourage your participation. We have developed a site that includes information on the working committees reviewing the eight standards for accreditation, the opportunities for community input, and timeline. Further updates on the visiting team members, self-study report, and communications from ACOE will be communicated as they become available. At any time during this process, you can write to the self-study planning team using the Share Your Input form on the website.

Thanks in advance for your participation and we look forward to a successful site visit by the ACOE!

Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO
President and CEO

Self-Study Working Committees

Self-Study Co-Chairs
Dr. Sandra Mohr, EdD, Dean of Academic Resources and Administration; Dr. Morris Berman, OD, MS, Adjunct Professor; Dr. Bina Patel, OD, Director of International Programs, Professor, and Faculty Chair

ACOE Standard Working Groups


ACOE Standard Team Lead Team Members
Standard 1: Mission, Goals, and Objectives Traci Logan Traci Logan, Erik Weissberg, Gary Chu, Sandra Mohr, Kristen Brown, Howard Purcell
Standard 2: Curriculum Erik Weissberg Erik Weissberg, Steve Koevary, Gayathri Srinivasan, Kristen Brown, Morris Berman
Standard 3: Research Jane Gwiazda Jane Gwiazda, Thanasis Panorgias
Standard 4: Governance, Administration, Finance Traci Logan Joanna Hurier, Traci Logan, Howard Purcell, Pano Yeracaris, Bina Patel
Standard 5: Faculty Barry Kran Stacy Lyons, Aurora Denial, Amy Moy, Barry Kran
Standard 6: Students Kirsten Kirby Kristen Tobin, Ron Ferrucci, Kirsten Kirby, Christina LaChance
Standard 7: Facilities Heather Edmonds Ben Feingold, Shawne Gilles, Heather Edmonds
Standard 8: Clinical Management and Patient Care Kristen Brown Amy Moy, Tim Bossie, Kristen Brown

Community Input

Extensive feedback support and input from NECO’s diverse community is vital to the reaccreditation self-study process.
In preparing for our October 2021 review by ACOE, faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and the wider community were invited to share their input via the online form or directly contacting the various internal committees. Separate Town Hall meetings with Faculty/Staff, Alumni, Students, and Board of Trustees were conducted in June 2021 to describe the accreditation process and to solicit feedback on the self-study draft.

ACOE Invitation for Public Comments

New England College of Optometry (NECO) will undergo a reaccreditation visit in October 2021 by the Accreditation Counsel on Optometric Education (ACOE). The ACOE is the specialized accrediting body for optometry that provides quality assurances concerning educational preparation of members of the optometric profession.
NECO is engaged in a process of self-study addressing the ACOE Standards for Accreditation. An evaluation team will visit campus to gather evidence that the self-study is thorough and accurate.

The public is invited to submit comments to:
Director of the Council at ACOE
Accreditation Council on Optometric Education
243 N. Lindbergh Boulevard
Floor 1 St. Louis, MO 63141

Public comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of the program and the ACOE standards. Comments must be received 30 days prior to the program’s scheduled site visit date and must be signed by the sender.