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3+4 Accelerated Program Partners

Accomplished and motivated students may accelerate their education and professional opportunities by participating in a joint degree partnership program with NECO and an undergraduate institution. Through the 3+4 Accelerated Program undergraduate partnership, students are awarded a joint bachelor of science degree from an undergraduate partner, and later, an OD degree from New England College of Optometry.

3+4 Accelerated Program Partnership

The College values its growing number of partnerships with undergraduate institutions with strong pre-health professional programs. Students accepted into the 3+4 program receive a conditional acceptance into the College as they begin their first year of undergraduate studies at an undergraduate partner, following a prescribed curriculum. Upon completion of three years of specified course work (providing predetermined grade point average and OAT scores are met), these students will enroll at the the College for the four year OD program. While a student is enrolled in this program, there will be ongoing communication between the undergraduate partner and NECO through our work with campus liaisons and our peer mentor network.

After the first year of professional study at NECO, the student will earn a bachelor of science degree from their undergraduate institution. After completion of the fourth year of professional study at NECO, the student will earn the doctor of optometry degree from NECO.

Current Undergraduate Partners

Our current undergraduate partners include:

For more information on these and other partner programs, please contact the NECO Admissions Office.