Christopher P. Taylor, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Vision Sciences


PhD, Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior, McMaster University

Areas of Expertise

Professional Memberships

American Academy of Optometry
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
Canadian Psychological Society
Optical Society of America
Vision Sciences Society

Research Interests

Psychophysics and Performance
Visual Development

Publications & Presentations

  1. Lewandowski, C., Andrea, T. & Taylor, C.P. (2021). Student Perceptions of Cultural Competency. Optometric Education, 46(2).
  2. Watts N.S., Taylor C.P., & Rucker F.J. (2020). Temporal color contrast guides emmetropization
    in chick. Experimental Eye Research, Nov 3:108331.
  3. Rucker, F.J., Eskew, R.T., & Taylor, C.P. (2020). Signals for defocus arise from longitudinal
    chromatic aberration in chick. Experimental Eye Research, 198, 108-126.
  4. Meyer, D.L., Taylor, C.P., & Kran, B.S. (2020). A new contrast sensitivity test for pediatric
    patients: Feasibility and inter-examiner reliability in ocular disorders and cerebral visual
    impairment. Translational Vision Science and Technology. 9(30), 1-10.
  5. Lin, G., Taylor, C., & Rucker, F. (2020). Effect of duration, and temporal modulation, of
    monochromatic light on emmetropization in chicks. Vision Research, 166, 12-19.

Masters Students

William Hogue, Class of 2022
Christina La, Class of 2023