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Online Continuing Education

NECO’s online Continuing Education (CE) portal offers on-demand access to COPE-certified programs delivered by nationally recognized subject matter experts through webinars and online topics series. We invite alumni to earn one hour of continuing education credit with successful completion of the examination for each program. Participants are able to print certificates and are responsible for submitting copies for licensing requirements and maintaining copies for their professional records.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Distance learning/multimedia courses do not qualify as CEE Courses. Only live lectures qualify as CEE courses.

Online Topics

The Online Topics program consists of a series of publications, where each series focuses on an important topic in the optometric field. Each issue will build from a basic level to instill understanding and confidence in clinicians. After reading an issue, candidates must complete the online post-course test to verify learning and qualify for 1 hour/unit of COPE-Accredited CE. Current offerings include:

cover of issue 1 of glaucoma management pdfKey Issues in Glaucoma Management 

This series of six publications aims to support optometrists’ clinical reasoning and decision-making abilities and help them turn medical management of glaucoma into a vital segment of their practices.  

View Glaucoma Series

Key Issues in Ocular Surface Disease

cover image of ocular surface disease issue 1

This series of six publications aims to support optometrists’ clinical reasoning and decision making abilities through interactive learning modules designed to give clinicians a structured process for the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye and other co-morbid ocular surface disorders. Course Expiration - Dec 2019: Issue 1;  March 2020: Issue 2; May 2020: Issue 3; July 2020: Issue 4; Sept. 2020: Issue 5; Nov. 2020; Issue 6.

View KIOSD Series

Nitric Oxide in Glaucoma

cover image of ocular surface disease issue 1

This extended publication distills and organizes findings about the role of Nitric Oxide (NO) in glaucoma and the role of NO donation in glaucoma therapy. It provides potential theories of action and presents compelling evidence based on the latest evidence-based studies using nitric oxide in glaucoma treatment. Course Expiration - July 2020.

View Nitric Oxide in Glaucoma

New England College of Optometry is committed to providing lifelong education and professional development to optometrists. By enhancing your knowledge base with our on-demand online CE programs, you will improve your scope of practice, better serve your patients, and strengthen the profession.