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At New England College of Optometry, we prepare future doctors for the complexities of practicing in the real world by providing students with great professional experiences. Whether it be through comprehensive patient care in team-based health delivery models, intense cultural immersion within our extensive clinical network, research focused on improving patients’ lives, or debating public policy for eye care, we are educating and preparing the future leaders of the profession. Throughout their education, our students make an immediate and lasting impact on the community while serving their patients.

What Sets NECO Apart?

The New England College of Optometry, NECO, is proud to have educated optometrists for more than a century.  Our focus today is in advancing visual health and sight for everyone by shaping the future of optometric education, patient care and public health. NECO is recognized nationally and internationally because of its commitment to educate and prepare students to practice to the highest level of proficiency, integrity and professionalism, while confident in their ability to navigate the future demands of the profession and healthcare delivery.  

Strong Academic and Clinical Experience

At the heart of our commitment to prepare students for successful careers is our applied approach to learning – we provide students with early and diverse clinical experiences to reflect and reinforce the knowledge they acquire in the classroom. Students receive a strong academic foundation in visual, ocular, and systemic care, while they experience a wide variety of patients and community settings through clinical work in community health centers, private practices, schools, and veteran’s hospitals.

Boston Location and Clinical Rotations

New England College of Optometry is located in the heart of Boston. This vibrant city allows students to intern in hospitals, community health centers, medical centers, and private practices and gain access to the best medical facilities in the world. The opportunities for applied learning in a clinical setting are unparalleled in diversity and in number. Students have an experience as diverse as Boston itself. Clinical rotations throughout the city and the country allow students to prepare for their careers, not just seeing patients, but through the whole process of patient care.

Community Service

A student’s time at New England College of Optometry helps make the community stronger. After three weeks of class, students begin to conduct vision screenings in Headstart programs, schools, and pediatric settings. This clinical experience in the community helps to make a real difference in the lives of children and adults throughout the city of Boston and beyond.

Small, Focused Environment Committed to Your Success

At the heart of our longevity and success is the value we place on personal connection and community – between our students, our dedicated faculty and staff, and to the patients we serve. When you become a student at NECO, you become part of a community that values connecting on a personal level with a mutual responsibility to one another and to the health of people worldwide.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1894 as the Klein School of Optics, New England College of Optometry is one of the country’s oldest continuously operating optometry school. 
  • Our Boston location means we are deeply connected to a city that is synonymous with world-class hospitals and great medical care. 
  • Over 150 clinical internship sites throughout the country and abroad provide an unparalleled diversity of clinical training. 
  • Diverse clinical experiences in a variety of settings help students prepare for future success. 
  • Thoughtful faculty help meld didactic classes with clinical experience. 
  • Over 500 students are enrolled in the four-year OD, AODP, international, and graduate programs.
  • The 132 students in the Class of 2021 arrived from 25 states, 7 Canadian provinces, and China. 
  • Class of 2021 average GPA score was 3.3 and OAT score of 326. 
  • The 27-month Accelerated Optometric Degree Program accepts scientists and physicians who hold a doctoral degree. 
  • The two-year Advanced Standing International Program admits graduates of international optometry programs. 
  • The MS/OD China Program is a unique joint degree program between Wenzhou Medical College and NECO. 
  • Our graduate programs include a stand-alone MS in Vision Science and dual OD/MS and OD/PhD degrees.