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American Optometric Association PAC (AOA-PAC)

The AOA-PAC is the political action committee of the American Optometric Association. The AOA-PAC hosts the annual Congressional Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C., and all optometry students that are also American citizens are invited to attend with a nominal donation to the AOA-PAC. Students learn about the bills that we need to pass in Congress, and have a day of lobbying on the Hill with experienced optometrists and other optometry students across the nation.

Defending the rights of optometrists to practice full-scope optometry is one of the most important roles of the American Optometric Association. We are dedicated to preserving and forwarding the interests of optometrists and their patients in the legislatures of the United States to ensure that Americans continue to have access to quality vision care.  

Current Student Leadership: Hoai Le, NECO Local AOA PAC Liaison  
Faculty Advisor: TBD