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Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH)

(VOSH-NECO) is the student chapter of VOSH-International. VOSH-NECO’s mission is to provide eye and vision care to the underserved population who cannot afford or lack access to care. Student clinicians, along with practicing optometrists, travel to underserved populations in countries, usually within the Latin American region. Typically on these missions, every patient seen receives a basic eye care examination, and is given a pair of prescription eyeglasses for vision correction, sunglasses and/or eye medications when required. Referrals are made for further treatment such as cataract surgery. One international mission is planned in the Spring Term each year.

Group of students with children on service tripLocally, VOSH-NECO participates in vision screenings. Students also participate by collecting, sorting, and classifying donated eyeglasses which are dispensed to patients in need during VOSH missions. Numerous fundraising events are held throughout the year to help offset expenses for each member who participates on the annual trip abroad. These include the VOSH Annual Alcon Night, social fund raising activities, garage sale and bake sales to name a few.  

NECO students are encouraged to join VOSH to provide humanitarian assistance to an underserved population, to enhance their cultural awareness and knowledge, and to understand inequities in health care. Participation in VOSH provides a rewarding experience and chance to provide services to local and world communities.

Major VOSH Events

  • Garage Sale (August/Early September)
  • Welcome Back Social (September)
  • White Coat Embroidery (September)
  • Thanksgiving Raffle (November)
  • Jewelry Sale (December)
  • Alcon Night Casino Fundraiser (January)
  • Holiday Luncheon (Halloween/Valentine’s Day)
  • Parking Lot Fundraiser (June/July)
  • Bake Sales (~Monthly)
  • Annual VOSH Trip (April)

Current Student President: Andrea Moseman
Current Student Vice President: Erin Civetti
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bina Patel

Visit us at our website!

group of students in bus

group of students in blue scrubs