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Performance Vision Club (PVC)

The Performance Vision Club at the New England College of Optometry was designed for those students interested in all aspects of vision relating to sports and active hobbies.

Meetings of the club include speakers, screenings, observations, and sporting events. Nicknamed the 'Sports Vision Club,' PVC was created with the intention to serve all patients in the community by improving their visual performance as well as informing the public of preventative measures to ensure proper eye safety and to reduce the risk of eye injury. PVC NECO has evolved to also include awareness of sports injuries, such as concussions, as well as education regarding state of the art sports vision training. Recent events have included vision screenings for local teams and athletes, a visit to a local sports vision training optometry practice, and a trip to see the Boston Celtics play at TD Garden. PVC NECO also recently had the privilege of hosting visit from Dr. Laby - ophthalmologist to the Boston Red Sox!  

Current Student President:  Zachary Jost
Current Student Vice-Presidents: Shannon Leonard & Nicole Adam