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Public Health Club (PHC)

The Public Health Club (PHC) helps bring awareness to the student body on topics outside of optometry, whether that be related to the specific workings of government or other areas of healthcare. The executive council of the PHC serves as liaisons of the American Public Health Association.

The PHC is a relatively new club. It was created to support our commitment and interest in public health. It requires a very minimal time commitment, as we know students are busy and this may be a concern.

Our main partnership is with Orbis International, an organization that uses its flying eye hospital to bring eye care to areas that normally do not have access. Special events include: 

  • Dining in the Dark
  • Educational panels on community topics/issues
  • Blood drive/flu shots
  • Corn hole tournament

Dining in the Dark

Our largest event of the year is Dining in the Dark in which guests are served a three course meal while blindfolded in order to experience what it may be like to have a visual impairment.

Students leading others who are blindfolded

Three students sitting at table with blindfolds

 four students sitting at table

Officers and Advisor

Current Student President: Yu Ting Choi
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stacy Lyons and Dr. Diane Russo

Anyone interested in joining or receiving more information is welcome to contact either of the Co-presidents at any time: and