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Contact Lens Society (CLS)

The Contact Lens Society, CLS, at NECO exists to enhance student interest and knowledge of contact lens care and management in efforts to improve patient care. The society will serve to offer academic assistance for contact lens courses and introduce the community to the newest technological advances and contemporary products.

Hand holding three text buttonsThe Contact Lens Society is one of the newer student group that focuses on support and education around contact lenses. The group plans Contact Lens mock proficiencies for 1st and 2nd year students. CLS also invites interesting and well known speakers to talk about the future of contact lenses. 

This year, the group ran an innovative pin fundraiser. Pins are available in the Campus Store for purchase. For large orders or alumni, contact All proceeds go to educational events for students and a special fund the society is putting together to fund medically necessary CLs that are not paid for by insurance. 

Current Student President: Esther Lee & Vy Ha 
Current Student Vice President: Andy Chen
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anita Gulmiri

mock proficienciesMock proficiencies

Dr. Lyndon Jones and studentsFall 2015 CLS Speaker Dr. Lyndon Jones


CLS Button Fundraiser with Dr. Korb and Dr. Scott