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Contact Lens Society (CLS)

Students practicing eye exams on one another in a lab.

The Contact Lens Society, CLS, at NECO exists to enhance student interest and knowledge of contact lens care and management in efforts to improve patient care. The society will serve to offer academic assistance for contact lens courses and introduce the community to the newest technological advances and contemporary products.

The Contact Lens Society at NECO was established in 2014. The club’s focus is to enhance student interest and knowledge of contact lens options to improve patient care. During the academic school year, the Contact Lens Society makes a trip to the Blanchard’s lab in New Hampshire to witness how contact lens are made, invites contact lens specialists and residents to provide more background about their experience with contact lens, and holds workshops from top contact lens manufacturers. This year, the club will be holding contact lens fitting workshops with representatives from Acuvue Oasys, Johnson and Johnson, and Alcon.   

During the second year, students take Contact Lens I & II and a proficiency at the end of each semester. The club provides a mock proficiency to help students receive tips and feedback for their proficiency. Every contact lens society member gets priority over contact lens mock proficiencies sign-ups.

The contact lens society is also involved in fundraising to provide for those who need medically necessary contact lens not paid by insurance. The club is currently selling hair ties to help those who need specialty contact lenses.

Current Student President: Esther Lee & Vy Ha 
Current Student Vice President: Andy Chen
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anita Gulmiri

Dr. Lyndon Jones and studentsFall 2015 CLS Speaker Dr. Lyndon Jones


CLS Button Fundraiser with Dr. Korb and Dr. Scott