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The CAOS is the Canadian Association of Optometry Students/Association canadienne des étudiants en optométrie (CAOS). CAOS is an international student organization representing over 500 Canadian Doctors of Optometry students in Canada, US and Puerto Rico. Established in 1990, the group provides professional development and programming to support Canadian optometry students in Canada and the United States. The NECO CAOS chapter was established in 2017.

Our CAOS NECO chapter strives to cultivate an enlightened group of prospective optometrists and contribute to the welfare of our members by facilitating communication between students and their future co-workers, promoting student awareness of professional challenges in Canada, and advocating for change. We also provide assistance to incoming Canadian students as they transition into the new environment of professional school, New England College of Optometry (NECO).
The CAOS NECO chapter is involved in providing a variety of resources to our students. NECO alumni from Canada are invited, as well as Canadian residents and recent grads, to speak about their experiences detailing differences in the optometric professions between the US and Canada. Other events include such topics as residency programs and cold starting practices. The group collaborates on some events with the Student Council, including their Colloquial Talks and the annual Graduate Strong program.
Every year, students are invited to participate in our Mentorship Program. This is an opportunity for Canadian NECO students to connect with a NECO alum practicing in Canada. This program is designed to help students stay in touch with Canadian optometry while studying abroad, and potentially meet a great mentor who can help students navigate through their career path when they return to Canada to practice.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact
Current President (2017-2018): Evelyn Wong, Class of 2020
Current Student Vice President: Kristi Fung   
Treasurer: Jennifer Zhang
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nicole Ross