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American Academy of Optometry (AAO)

The major goal of the America Academy of Optometry is to maintain and enhance excellence in standards of optometric practice. This is achieved through fostering research and dissemination of knowledge in vision sciences. Fellowship in the Academy is a significant accomplishment for any member of the vision science community.

Interested students can sign up to join the club at the beginning of each school year for free AAO membership.  Students can become fellows by fulfilling certain requirements such as attending the academy meeting and participating in lectures and events.  A Meet the Fellows event is held each year in late April/early May for the fellows.

The AAO is a great club to join because you are able to meet doctors who are fellows and connect with other students of different optometry schools at the academy meeting!

Shikha Mehta, Class of 2019
Current Student President: Ryan White   Vice President: Julie Alejandro   Treasurer: Olivia Bass
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Aurora Denial