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Students in Action

At New England College of Optometry, we believe in creating an environment that supports student growth and exploration.

NECO opens up many doors, but it is up to students to take the first steps. Your experience at NECO really is what you choose to make it.

Florence Lee, Class of 2016

Countless Opportunities

Our programs are designed to provide opportunities for students to learn, but also to contribute. We also believe in providing students an environment that encourages them to create their own opportunities. Our faculty push students to think, question, and listen. If students see a need or have an idea, faculty and staff will work with them to make it a reality.

Serving the Community

From the moment our students arrive, they make an impact on the local and global community. From screenings at local preschools and elementary schools to medical missions around the world, our students make a difference.

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Advocating for Optometry

Students have the opportunity to advocate for the profession through student groups and meetings.

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Participating in Research

NECO offers a MS in Vision Science and dual OD/MS degree that allow students to work with faculty mentors and gain skills, experience, and knowledge in research. Students are encouraged to participate with faculty in research on myopia, visual impairment, juvenile macular disorders, mobile device-based technologies for vision care, retinal imaging, binocular vision and 3D displays, and color vision.

Honors, Awards, and Presentations

Each year, the New England College of Optometry honors its students through scholarships and awards.  Additionally, some students are celebrated for honors they receive outside of the College in recognition of their scholarship, leadership, and experience.  Laura Chan, Class of 2016, won the 2015 Bernard Maitenaz Scholarship from Optometry Cares for her award winning video on the Impact of Vision.

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