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Student Experience

Our Students

When you become a student at New England College of Optometry, you join a community of students who are passionate about their future profession and engaged by their studies and clinical work. Our students form a strong, supportive community through time spent with classmates, honing their clinical techniques using one another as practice patients, working together on case studies in class, and sharing insights and learnings from their clinical assignments. Many NECO alums forge friendships and a network of future colleagues during their days at NECO.


Students are the heart of the College. Learn more about what our students have to say about their experience at New England College of Optometry as they share what makes our school #NotablyNECO.

Students in Action

Our students take advantage of the many opportunities they find at NECO and in Boston. Whether it be serving the community, winning awards, or advocating for the profession, our students find ways to share their passions and interests with others. Read more about the work students do inside and outside the classroom.

Our Student Body

Each year, we profile some of the incoming class of the four-year OD program in our Annual Report. Meet the incoming classes:

 Class of 2018 • Class of 2017 • Class of 2016

Class Profiles

While we can't quantify the value our student body brings to the community, we realize statistical information is important. To learn more about specifics statistics of our different programs, visit Class Profiles and Statistics.