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Student Council

The Student Council governs the internal affairs of the student body and is made up of the executive board along with representatives from the OD1, OD2, and OD3 classes and the AODP and ASIP programs. Student Council members are liaisons between the students and the faculty, staff, and administration.

The Council organizes student legislation and various activities, including the Welcome Back Barbecue and the annual formal the “Eye Ball”. Members of student council meet periodically with school administrators concerning student needs and also have the responsibility of allocating funds from the Student Council budget to the other existing clubs at the school.

NECO Student Council 2018-2019

Executive Council:

  • President: Monica Luo 
  • Vice President: Lauren Thamel
  • Treasurer: Justine Choi
  • Secretary: Kristyn Goff
  • Clubs & Media Coordinator: Erin Civetti
  • Immediate Past President: Kayla Andrade

Class Council - Class of 2020 (OD3):

  • President: John Hamilton 
  • Vice President: Joella Martire
  • Class Representatives: Samantha Burrill, Kenneth Parker, and Cora Plummer

Class Council - Class of 2021 (OD2):

  • President: Jonathan Elin-Calcador
  • Vice President: Jem Martin
  • Class Representatives: Zachary Jost, Jacqueline Kowal, and Sunny Raithatha

Class Council - Class of 2022 (OD1):

  • President: Andrew Zagelbaum
  • Vice President: Katie Li
  • Class Representatives: Briza Brooks, Sharon Qiu, Renita Sebastin

Other Program Representatives:

  • AODP Representative: Jonathan Lam
  • ASIP Representative: Natasha Tetlow, Andrea Gonazalez Casanueva
  • Masters Program Rep: TBD