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Tutoring and Preparation

New England College of Optometry offers tutoring for specific classes, as well as clinical tutoring and other academic support, depending on individual need.


We offer several different types of tutoring, and we match each individual student to the program that best suits their needs. Curious about receiving tutoring or becoming a tutor? Current students can visit the online form on our Portal for more information.

Tutoring for Didactic Classes

  • Prepare your questions before meeting with your tutor 
  • Ask your tutor what strategies resulted in success for them
  • Adapt those strategies for your study style 
  • Meet with an upper-class student to improve lab skills and gain practice time
  • Receive placement by referral from your Instructor of Record

Clinical Tutoring

  • By referral from a preceptor 
  • Preceptor will provide a learning plan as a guide 

Learning Strategies

In addition to tutoring needs, students can meet with the Associate Dean of Students, Barbara McGinley, to review current study methods and to explore others including:

  • Test preparation 
  • Conquering anxiety 
  • Note taking 
  • Retention of material 
  • Time management 
  • Learning styles