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Finding Housing in Boston

There are a variety of resources and housing options available to students in Boston. Please note that the resource information on this page is provided with the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: All information regarding housing should be assessed carefully before making any legal commitments. The resources listed on our website are not explicitly or implicitly endorsed, recommended, or approved by New England College of Optometry.  All information posted from the College is done so for informational purposes only and the College takes no responsibility for any legal contracts or agreements made.  

Not sure where to start? 

  • Explore Boston rents:  Apartments in Boston typically have a one year lease with monthly payments due at the beginning of the month. Visit to learn more about Boston rents.
  • Create a housing budget. Start your process by figuring out what you can afford to spend on housing and expenses. Then, determine where you want to live and what is important to you in your apartment.  Every student will have different non-negotiable needs in this process.  It is important to keep in mind that there are more expenses than just rent. This includes heat, hot water, electricity, cable, internet, cell phones, and other personal bills. You can use an online budget calculator such as this one to help you start creating your budget. 
  • Use the Class Facebook Page: Each incoming class at NECO has a Facebook page. This is a great way to start meeting your fellow classmates and considering them as roommates.
  • Attend the Housing Fair: Each year, the Office of Student Services invites accepted students to attend a housing fair in June, where local realtors share their listings and have students make appointments to see apartments throughout the weekend. In addition, current students attend, sharing openings in their apartments and meeting new students. This is another opportunity to find a roommate!  The 2019 Housing Fairs will take place on Friday, March 15th and Friday, June 7th, 2019.

Housing Options and Resources

  • Short-Term Housing 

    Short-term housing is offered as an option to students who do not want to commit to a yearlong lease. Typically, these rentals start with a minimum of a week, and rent out furnished spaces that may be shared with other individuals. Consider looking into ESL Townhouse if this is of interest to you.

  • Dormitory Style Housing

    Another option is dormitory style housing at Bayridge Residence Cultural Center for Women. Bayridge houses single women from college and universities all around Boston and provides a furnished living space.

  • Local Realtors

    The best way to find an apartment, especially if you are not local to Boston, is to use a local realtor. Below is a list of realtors who have listings in the Boston area. Please note that the New England College of Optometry does not endorse any particular business or vendor, and this list is provided as a resource.