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Living In Boston

Interior of large hall at Boston Public Library filled with tables with lamps where people study. I love studying at the Boston Public Library.

My interview day was the first time I ever visited Boston and I instantly fell in love. The friendly community, the beautiful architecture, and welcoming environment made me feel right at home. I was very nervous to move away from my family and friends, and to be honest, it was an emotional experience at first. However, once I started school at NECO, everything quickly fell into place. After meeting my classmates, I realized that we all left everything behind and moved to Boston to start this new chapter of our lives, sharing one common goal: to be the best optometrists we can be.

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share one common goal made it easier to adjust to the new city. My classmates very soon became like family after spending so much time together in class and labs. On the very first night we all moved to Boston, one of my classmates organized a dinner at the Prudential Center, where we all got together and met one another before classes began. This was great because by orientation, we already knew some familiar faces. 

One thing to remember is that moving to a new city is never easy. You are bound to miss home, but the more you apply yourself and get to know different people, the easier it will be. Often, at the beginning of the year, I wanted to just stay alone at home after classes, but I forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. It was hard at first, but the more I applied myself, the easier it was to get acclimated.

One of the greatest things about our school is the location. If I’m ever having a stressful day, I love to clear my thoughts and take a walk along the Charles River on the beautiful esplanade, located right behind our school. Usually after exams or a long day of studying, my friends and I like to take a short walk from school and treat ourselves to some good food on Newbury Street, where many coffee shops and restaurants are located. Another one of my favorite locations is the Boston Public Library. It is by far one of my favorite places to study. I love the beautiful architecture in the building and the positive learning environment. 

Every year NECO hosts a housing fair where realtors will in and show you many different apartments all weekend. I attended this event with my roommate and found it very helpful. We found a beautiful apartment located right on Beacon Street, about a 4-minute walk to school. We chose to live close to school because as first years, a majority of our time is spent in labs and class. I also enjoy studying at school sometimes or going home for lunch, and it makes it easier when you live closer to school. We also have many friends who either walk or take the subway system called the “T,” who find it very easy to get around. Overall, Boston is a walkable city and public transportation is very accessible. I’m looking forward to exploring new places and going on new adventures during the next few years!

Pratima is a first year student from Cliffside Park, New Jersey. In May of 2017, she graduated from Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York, earning her Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a concentration in Healthcare management. Her interest to pursue optometry arose as a youth. Pratima admired how her optometrist built meaningful relationships with all of her patients. What Pratima most admires about the profession is the healthy work- balance, and the opportunity to be both a clinician and entrepreneur. Pratima spent her year before optometry school gaining experience as an optometric technician at a local private practice. During her free time, Pratima enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring coffee shops, and spending quality time with friends and family.