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Adventures of Second Year

Large group of students on stairway

With 2017 in full swing, my spring semester at NECO has just begun. I have already attended numerous events sponsored by the student clubs. One of the most recent events was Casino Night held by the VOSH organization to help fundraise for their upcoming mission trip. NECO was transformed into a casino with hired professionals to run a gaming center.

With black jack, roulette, and poker tables there was numerous amounts of funny money to be given away.  The “funny money” can then be traded in for wonderful prizes such as sunglasses, Volk lenses, and even gift cards to fancy restaurants.  Ladies dressed in fancy cocktail dresses while the gents were dressed in dapper suits it was an unforgettable night to remember!  

I also attended an event hosted by the Private Practice Club.  Students including myself were introduced to Dr. To who travels around the country speaking about Modern Optometry to current optometry students.  Dr. To explained that “I focus heavily on people-centric approach both in and outside the exam room with a candid discussion on the state of optometry and how to take advantage of its constant changes.”  Dr. To is a recent grad from the Western University of Health Sciences in California so it was nice to hear from an optometrist about how much opportunity there is. Even within the field of optometry, the possibilities are endless. Dr. To also gave great tips about purchasing a private practice and what to look for when thinking about buying a practice.

This semester my clinic site is at the South Boston Community Health Center with Dr. Xu and Dr. Kane.  I was at this clinic last semester as well, so I am very familiar with the patient population.  My goal in clinic for this semester is to be more comfortable assessing a patient’s optic nerve as well as decreasing the exam time.  Because I am placed at a community health center, majority of my patients have multiple diagnoses and I am able to look at the records from their primary care physician.  If a patient has an ocular condition, it can also be seen in the other parts of the body and so being able to see the PCP records is helpful to make my diagnosis.

This year I am most looking forward to furthering my clinical skills and learning more about different ocular diseases.  Beginning in June, I will be at a different clinic site for 2-3 full days, which means being one step closer to practicing in the real world.  I am also looking forward to applying for rotations in June. I feel like I was just a first year student sitting in lecture listening to my professor talk about how to perform a cover test.  And now I am more than halfway through my second year and starting to apply for rotations in a few months.  It’s an exciting time because I worked very hard to get to where I am today.

Photo Caption: My classmates and I at the eventful Casino Night.

Biren is in his third year at NECO. He is from Chicago, Illinois. During his free time, he enjoys traveling, being outdoors, running, and trying new foods. He always enjoys great company and making new friends.