Maria and three friends sitting at restaurant table smiling More to Explore as an OD 4

More to Explore as an OD 4

Graduation is quickly approaching, and I can’t believe that in 6 months my time in Boston will come to an end. Back when I was a fresh-faced undergraduate student researching different optometry schools across the USA, I was overwhelmed with the thought of having to make the life-changing decision…

Hannah holding up marathon medal Gratitude For My NECO Family

Gratitude For My NECO Family

NECO feels like home to me because of the community of people that brings light and life into my busy schedule as an optometry student. I love walking into school every day, knowing that I’ll run into a classmate who wants to share an interesting case from clinic with me, or a first- year student…

Group of 9 OD3 students by Academy Chicago sign My Class Away from School

My Class Away from School

I remember that scary moment I opened the email containing my first schedule at NECO right before starting my first semester. I immediately missed those years at University of Maryland when I could freely choose my schedule. Suddenly, I could no longer avoid those early morning classes and needed…

group on stairs Welcome to the Lion’s Club

Welcome to the Lion’s Club

This guest blog entry was contributed by Sarah, Class of 2021. She works in the Communications Office as a contributor to our social media and website. Below, she shares her experiences at the first Lion’s Club meeting of the year.

Group of students in blue t-shirts on bleachers at NECO Olympics There’s a Club for Everybody!

There’s a Club for Everybody!

There are plenty of ways to get involved outside of classes. If you are unsure which club to join, NECO hosts a club fair at the beginning of the school year. There is pretty much a club for everybody including a Spanish club if you need to brush up on your Spanish-speaking skills. It is a nice way…

group of students by banners for special olympics Experiencing NECO Outside the Classroom

Experiencing NECO Outside the Classroom

The New England College of Optometry always has a large variety of events and clubs in which students of all years can participate. However, it is often much more difficult for fourth year students to attend NECO events. Many OD4s have their clinical rotations outside of the city (or even outside…

Boston skyline with river in foreground Choosing My Wild Card

Choosing My Wild Card

Choosing an optometry school—one of the biggest decisions I have ever made—was not an easy task. First of all, there aren’t many options. There are only twenty-three schools in the US, and I am from the South, where there are only three (four, if you include Florida, but we Southerners don’t).…

Shane, Denis and a group of kids Traveling to Tanzania on a OneSight Service Trip

Traveling to Tanzania on a OneSight Service Trip

Shane Stevens and classmate Denis Shlosman, Class of 2018, were chosen by AOSA and AOA leaders to join a team of 25 optometric students on a OneSight clinic in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in May. OneSight is a leading organization in providing sustainable vision care solutions to communities around…

Tiffany and group of students Get Involved, Don’t Miss Out!

Get Involved, Don’t Miss Out!

Like any other school, NECO students have the opportunity to get involved in student organizations. On interview day, a lot of prospective students ask, “How do you participate in these organizations with the workload you’re given?” And the truth is, what you take from these experiences correlates…

Laura and friends in graduation caps and gowns E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum

Out of many, one. Only four short years ago, each of us arrived in Boston on our own, bringing with us our unique backgrounds, experiences and expectations. We entered the imposing iron gates of NECO alone, each wondering what fate awaited us beyond our first day. Yet here we are, sitting together…