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How to Write a Wicked Awesome Personal Statement

Today I want to reach out to those prospective students out there who are trying to tackle the ever-daunting personal statement. For some of you, writing isn’t your strong suit, writing about yourself is uncomfortable, and fitting everything within 4,500 characters seems impossible. However, personal…

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Learning how to Learn: Differences between Undergrad and Optometry School

Before I started optometry school, someone told me the material wouldn’t be harder than undergrad, there would just be a whole lot more of it: it’d be a fire hydrant of information that you would constantly have to absorb. That is definitely true, but there are still significant differences between…

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Choosing My Wild Card

Choosing an optometry school—one of the biggest decisions I have ever made—was not an easy task. First of all, there aren’t many options. There are only twenty-three schools in the US, and I am from the South, where there are only three (four, if you include Florida, but we Southerners don’t).…