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Gratitude For My NECO Family

NECO feels like home to me because of the community of people that brings light and life into my busy schedule as an optometry student. I love walking into school every day, knowing that I’ll run into a classmate who wants to share an interesting case from clinic with me, or a first- year student…

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Learning to Become a Clinician

My second year of optometry school has been quite the journey so far! My classmates and I took 6 midterm exams in the time span of a week, I’ve been working on a research project for my Masters, and I just passed my third clinical skills exam, during which I was tested on binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy…

Hannah and her parents

The Meaning of Our New Coats

The Class of 2020 has officially been draped in the historical, white fabric of the healthcare profession! In the weeks leading up to our White Coat Ceremony, there was a palpable excitement among my classmates about finally receiving our white coats. Many of us took different paths to get to this…

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Home Sweet Boston: 70 cent avocados, free Kelly Clarkson concert, $9 Red Sox tickets, and more!

One of the reasons I decided to come to NECO was its location in the heart of Boston. Having attending Boston College for 4 years, many of my friends and family asked if I really wanted to commit to staying in Boston for 3-4 more years. There was never any hesitation when it came to this question…

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End of OD1 Reflections

My classmates and I are just two weeks and 5 final exams away from completing our first year of optometry school! The last couple weeks of OD1 have kept us very busy. We’ve been going on our last vision screenings of the semester, taking our second clinical skills exams, and completing group projects!

Hannah and two friends with cardboard cutout for vision expo

Vision Expo East in a New York Minute

The much-anticipated Vision Expo was this past weekend and it was the perfect opportunity to leave Boston to explore another city! We left for NYC after class on Friday, and the next morning, we found ourselves standing in the middle of Grand Central station, trying to navigate our way through the…

Hannah outside with two friends at night by lighted sign

Beyond the Books and Brains of Grad School

All grad school students would agree that their respective programs require a serious dedication of time and focus to their studies. Optometry school is absolutely no exception to this. Although I am incredibly grateful for the learning opportunities that NECO gave me during my first semester, I would…

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A Day in the Life of a First Year Student

It’s so hard to believe that just 4 months ago, I was writing my first blog post on my patio at home in shorts and a t-shirt as a recent college graduate. Today, I sit in a café on Newbury Street writing my last post of the semester, bundled up in my thick winter jacket as 1/8th of an O.D. I still…

Hannah using optometric equipment with another student

From Pre-Clinic to Boston Schools: Practicing My Skills at Vision Screenings

With the blink of an eye, I’m already into the third month of optometry school! In addition to the immense amount of knowledge I’ve retained about the human body and the ocular system through classes like Anatomy and Physiology, and Visual Sensation and Perception, I already have three clinical…

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Finding Family at NECO

As my third week as an OD1 concludes, I can say with confidence that my NECO experience so far has surpassed any expectations I had prior to starting the program. In terms of the tangible changes I’ve experienced, I made my largest financial investment after choosing my diagnostic kit, which consists…

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First Steps Towards Becoming an OD1

Just this past May, I was driving away from the last dorm I’d ever call home. It was on the day of my graduation from Boston College (BC), a place where I had found my niche and formed meaningful relationships. After a long day of commencement ceremonies, my status at BC quickly changed from…