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Group of 9 OD3 students by Academy Chicago sign

My Class Away from School

I remember that scary moment I opened the email containing my first schedule at NECO right before starting my first semester. I immediately missed those years at University of Maryland when I could freely choose my schedule. Suddenly, I could no longer avoid those early morning classes and needed…


Hitchhiker’s Guide to Housing and Transportation at NECO

As someone who grew up in the suburban areas of Maryland, I was nervous about not having a car. On interview day, two of the hottest topics are housing and transportation. Boston is small city made up of many neighborhoods. NECO itself is located in Back Bay, right by the Esplanade with a view of…

Tiffany and two students in white coats

Picking Up the Pace

Another semester is just beginning, but after several weeks of summer vacation, I am getting ready for my new clinical placements! Over the summer term at NECO, I had the pleasure of experiencing three different clinic sites spread out over five days of the week.

Tiffany and group of students

Get Involved, Don’t Miss Out!

Like any other school, NECO students have the opportunity to get involved in student organizations. On interview day, a lot of prospective students ask, “How do you participate in these organizations with the workload you’re given?” And the truth is, what you take from these experiences correlates…

Tiffany at Vision Expo

A Glance of Vision Expo in the Melting Pot

When I began optometry school, I assumed my days would be filled with lectures, labs, or clinic. It didn’t even occur to me that I would have the opportunity to attend optometric conferences. In a sense, I envy those classmates with close ties to optometrists because they had that early exposure…

photo of student in dark examining patient with title Clinical Education

Looking into Clinic IRL

A month into my new clinic site, the differences between practicing at a community health center and a private practice are now coming to light. When interview candidates ask why I chose NECO, I always refer to the clinical program. In a city as diverse and crowded as Boston, students have the opportunity…

Tiffany and two friends

And just like that, 2017 has begun. We’ve completed our first year and moved on to our second, mingled with the new Class of 2020 students, overcome our proficiencies, and interacted with our first patients in our respective clinics. Now that it’s a new year and new semester, we rotate into another…

Four students standing outside on colorful leaves

Thankful for a Beautiful Boston

In the midst of the semester, we often find ourselves incredibly focused on studying for midterm week and practicing our clinical skills for proficiency examinations. A common misconception for prospective students is that graduate school leaves no room for events outside of school. One of the most…

Biren and Tiffany in white coats

Fall is Here, Time to Put on Your Coats!

The second years have a new addition to their closet – their white coats! For those of you that are curious about the significance of the white coat, it symbolizes an optometry student’s acceptance into the clinical world. We have taken a step up from nervously performing procedures solely on…

cliff walk in Newport, Rhode Island

Clinic to Win It

Four weeks of break, seven weeks of classes, and two weeks of summer later, the fall semester has officially begun for the second year students! Do you know what this means? No, not the end of summer – the start of clinic! Seeing patients, shadowing doctors, learning new equipment; this is where…