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Concentration in Pediatric Optometry label with three photos of children getting eye exams. Student Take: Pediatric Concentration

Student Take: Pediatric Concentration

*New England College of Optometry offers students the opportunity to pursue a concentration in pediatrics as they pursue their four-year OD degree. Students in the concentration program follow the four-year OD curriculum, but it is augmented with seminars outside of class, targeted coursework, and focused clinical placements. *

Exterior of Eye Centers of South Florida building My Most Memorable Experiences at NECO

My Most Memorable Experiences at NECO

With just a few more months until graduation, I can finally see light near the end of the tunnel. I have had so many amazing experiences during the four years while being a student at NECO, but I want to talk about my top two 1) VOSH and 2) Fourth year externships.

Exterior of rural school building in Dominican Republic Three Year Throwback

Three Year Throwback

Happy February! Another month has flown by and it’s crazy to think that in just three weeks, our fourth year students will be starting their last rotation. Now that I have returned to Martha Eliot Community Health Center, I get to work with second and third year students from NECO at clinic again. At Martha Eliot, fourth years work…

Insights into residency text in front of phoropter photo My Residency at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

My Residency at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

An optometric residency is an additional year of post-graduate clinical education that can be pursued by optometrists who desire to advance their patient care abilities beyond entry level practice. New England College of Optometry offers residencies in community health, cornea and contact lens, low vision rehabilitation, ocular disease, pediatric optometry, primary care optometry, VA primary eye care, and VA ocular…

 Clinic as a 2nd Year - My Experience at Charles River

Clinic as a 2nd Year - My Experience at Charles River

After a restful winter break, my classmates and I once again find ourselves deep into another packed semester. Spring semester of second year is similar to last fall: 6 classes, 3 labs, and of course, clinic once a week. While many of my classmates were moved to other clinics for this semester, many of us, myself included, remain at the same site…

 Reflecting on First Term

Reflecting on First Term

December has wrapped up my first term at NECO. During the holiday break before second term commenced, I reflected upon all my experiences in becoming an optometry student and newly crowned Bostonian. Here is some advice I hope will be helpful to incoming and/or prospective students to consider.

Sign New Year, New…Degree?

New Year, New…Degree?

Happy New Year! We have finally entered the year of graduation and it feels absolutely surreal. These past three and a half years at NECO have been a whirlwind and even though every mentor says “it goes by quickly,” it’s still surprising to watch it go by in real time. Every rotation seems to fly by even faster and…

Pratima checking the vision of a fellow student sitting in a chair. Why Optometry?

Why Optometry?

Struggling to find a career path during my first year of college was scary. I heard stories from my peers saying, “You’ll know when something is right for you. It’s a feeling no one can experience but yourself.” I didn’t believe it at first, but sitting at that optometry school open house in 2015, listening to all the…

Diane sitting on couch with laptop. New Year, Improved Me

New Year, Improved Me

When I first came to NECO, I always heard upper classmen say that the semesters will fly by and they were absolutely right. I cannot believe my first semester at NECO is actually done. The days felt longer than the weeks, but everyone got through it. It may have included a crazy rollercoaster of emotions, but together, we got through…

Books and iPad on table with notes. A Different Type of Countdown On Our Minds

A Different Type of Countdown On Our Minds

While the rest of the world has been counting down the days until the New Year, my classmates and I have had a different type of count down on our minds. In less than 3 months from now, we will be taking arguably the most important exam of our optometric careers: Part 1 of the NBEO (National Board Examiners in Optometry) examinations. …