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Research Areas

Research at NECO is broad in scope and impactful in its range. Our research scientists and clinicians come from different medical and scientific disciplines, but all possess the same passion for contributing to a better knowledge of the eye. The research that NECO scientists, clinicians, and students undertake can be classified into four major categories:

NECO has many opportunities for students to engage in research. Depending on their level of interest and experience, students can complete a master’s degree in vision science with a faculty mentor, participate in an intensive summer research program, or work for a few hours each week in a laboratory.

Jane Gwiazda, PhD, Director of Research and Graduate Studies, NECO

Research Spotlight: Myopia

The establishment of the Myopia Research Center in 1995 and the Correction of Myopia Evaluation Trial (COMET) established NECO as an international leader in basic and clinical eye research. COMET, the first NEI/NIH-sponsored clinical trial in optometry, was conducted at NECO, University of Alabama School of Optometry, University of Houston College of Optometry, Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University, and Stony Brook Department of Preventive Medicine. After the clinical trial phase ended, COMET became an ongoing longitudinal study, specifically looking at factors associated with progression and stabilization of myopia over 14 years. NECO is proud to have among its faculty members the chair of the study, Dr. Jane Gwiazda, and the PI of one of the four clinical centers, Dr. Erik Weissberg.  Visit the Research Spotlight: Myopia page to learn more.

Myopia Control Clinic: In 2017, NECO announced the opening of a Myopia Control Clinic at the NECO Center for Eye Care on Commonwealth Avenue.  Using the latest research-based treatments for controlling myopia, the clinic providers will offer treatment options to help slow or stop eye growth to children and young adults. Visit the Myopia Control Clinic page on the NECO Center for Eye Care website to learn more. 

For general information on research at NECO, please contact Dr. Jane Gwiazda, NECO’s Director of Research.