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Gayathri Srinivasan, OD, MS

Gayathri Srinivasan

Research Profile

MS in Physiological Optics, University of Missouri St. Louis College of Optometry
OD, New England College of Optometry
Residency in Pediatric Optometry, New England College of Optometry

phone: 617-266-2030 x5577

Research Interests


Investigation of novel methods for amblyopia treatment and management

Public Health

Development of an efficient screening protocol in infants and toddlers for early detection and treatment of amblyopia


Bruce Moore OD, New England College of Optometry
Kathy Majzoub RN, MBA, New England College of Optometry
Principal Investigator for New England College of Optometry, Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG)

Professional memberships

American Academy of Optometry
American Optometric Association

Featured Publications and Presentations

  1. 1. Srinivasan G., Russo D., Lyons SA., Influence of Participation in an Elective Course in Enhancing Perceived Critical Thinking, Independent Learning and Residency Decision-Making. Optometric Education 2017; 42(3): 15-19. 

    2. Srinivasan G. Management of Intermittent Exotropia of the Divergence Excess Type: a Teaching Case Report. Optometric Education 2017; 42(2): 43-52.

    3. Vera-Diaz FA, Moore B, Hussey E, Srinivasan G, Johnson C. A Flicker therapy for the treatment of amblyopia. Vision Dev & Rehab 2016; 2(2):105-14.

    4.   Srinivasan, G., Russo, D., Moore B., (2017). Analysis Of A Novel Method For Detection Of Vision Disorders In Children Birth To Three Years Of Age. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 57: ARVO E-Abstract B0513.   

    5.   Srinivasan, G., Russo, D., Moore, B., Lyons, S., & Germain, B. (2016). Efficacy of novel vision screening tool in identifying vision disorders in children from birth to three years of age. Optometry and Vision Science, 93: E-Abstract 165049.

    6. Germain, B., Srinivasan, G., Moore, B., Lyons, S., Gaiser, H., Deng, L., & Majzoub, K. (2016). Accuracy of the SPOT pediatric vision screener compared to comprehensive eye exam in children aged 0 to 36 months. Optometry and Vision Science, 93, 165050.

    7. Srinivasan, G. & Lyons, S. (2016). Evaluation of elective program effectiveness in meeting course goals. Optometry and Vision Science, 93, 165363.

    8. Vera-Diaz, F; Hussey, E; Srinivasan, G; Johnson, C; Spivey, D; Gleason, W; Tattersall, P; Moore, B. A Novel Amblyopia Treatment that Promotes Binocularity, Increases Compliance and Does Not Constrain Daily Activities. Optom Vis Sci 2014;91:E‐Abstract 145011.

    9. Moore, B, Vera-Diaz, F; Srinivasan, G; Johnson, C; Hussey, E; Spivey, D; Gleason, W; Tattersall, P. EyeTronix Flicker Glass   (EFG) Treatment of Refractive Amblyopia. Optom Vis Sci 2014;91: E‐Abstract 140039.

    10. Moore B, Vera-Diaz F, Srinivasan G, Johnson C, Hussey E, Spivey D, Tattersall P, Gleason W. Improved compliance with a Novel Eyetronix Flicker Glass Therapy for the treatment of Amblyopia. Invest Ophthalmol Vis. Sci   2014; 55(13): ARVO E-Abstract 802.

    11. Vera-Diaz FA, Srinivasan G, Johnson CA, Hussey E, Spivey D, Gleason W, Tattersall P and Moore BD (2014). Initial   Evaluation of the Novel EFG Therapy for the Treatment of Amblyopia. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci   2014; 55(13): ARVO E-Abstract 815.

    12.   Srinivasan G., Harb, E., Mayer, D.L. Impact of contour interaction and crowding on Sloan letter acuity. Optom Vis Sci   2012; 89: E‐Abstract 125104.

    13.   Srinivasan G and Wong E (2009).   Reduced second-order contrast discrimination under dichoptic viewing.   Journal of   Vision, 9(8): E-Abstract 1015.