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Barry Kran, OD

Barry Kran Barry Kran, OD

Research Profile

OD, State University of New York State College of Optometry

NECO office: 617-587-5765 NE Eye Perkins: 617-972-7297

Research Interests

  • Evaluation and treatment of individuals with visual and other disabilities
  • Training of students and professionals best practices
  • Identifying barriers to care for this population
  • Creating programs to eliminate barriers
  • Development of tools to better assess this population


D Luisa Mayer, PhD, NECO, Harvard Medical School
Darick W Wright, MA, COMS, Adjunct Professor NECO, UMASS Boston
Li Deng, PhD, NECO
Lotfi Merrabet, OD, PhD, Dir, Lab for Visual Neuroplasticity, MEEI
Jean E Ramsey, MD, MPH, BUSM
Lisa DiBonaventura, MA, COMS, MA Dept of Developmental Disabilities

Projects with Previous Pediatric Residents

C Johnson, OD
J Pokusa, OD
H Yin, OD
J Kong, OD

Professional Memberships

American Academy of Optometry
American Optometric Association
College of Optometrists in Vision Development
National Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired

Featured Publications and Presentations

Kran BS, Mayer DL Chapter 12. Clinical assessment of visual function and functional vision in Lueck, A.H., & Dutton, G.N. (Eds.) (in press). Impairment of vision due to disorders of the visual brain in childhood: A practical approach. New York: AFB Press.

Kran BS, Mayer DL. Vision impairment and brain damage, chapter 14 In Taub MB, Bartuccio M, Maino DM. Eds.  Vision and the special needs patient: Diagnosis and management. Wolters Kluwer / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, 2012.

Johnson C, Kran, BS, Deng L, Mayer DL. Comparison of Teller II and Cardiff Acuity Tests in Deafblind Children.  Optometry and Vision Science. Optom Vis Sci 2009;86:188-195

Kran BS. Management of Anisometropic Amblyopia and Head Posture in a Patient with Oculocutaneous Albinism.  Journal of Optometric Education. Winter 2009 Vol 34 (2):54-62

Kran BS, Wright DW. A Telephone Survey of Low Vision Services in U.S. Schools for the Blind. Optometry-Journal of the American Optometric Association Optometry 2008 Jul;79(7):378-90


Pokusa JE, Kran BS, Deng L, Mayer DL. A Pilot Study of a Preferential Looking Contrast Sensitivity Test for Individuals with Vision and/or Multiple Impairments. American Academy of Optometry Meeting Seattle 2013.

Vivirito M, Kran B. Vision impairment: Not just in the eye. American Academy of Optometry Meeting Seattle 2013.

Yin H, Kran B, Wright D, Bent D, Deng L, Mayer D. Is Vernier Acuity more Sensitive than Grating Acuity to Visual Impairment in Adolescents? ARVO Annual Meeting Seattle WA, May 2013.

Thomas V, Ramsey JE, DiBonaventura L, Kran BS. Improving access to quality vision care for individuals with intellectual disability: Findings and policy implications from the Massachusetts eye care provider summary. American Public Health Association Meeting Denver Co. Nov 2010.

Kran B, DiBonaventura L, Bixler B, Oxx S. Barriers to Eye Care for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in Massachusetts. Optometry and Vision Science Scientific Poster Session 2009.

Kran B, Wright DW, Bent D. Reliability of Teller Card II Acuity Measurements in a Multiply Impaired population. Optometry and Vision Science Wednesday October 24 Scientific Poster Session 2007.