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Ji-Chang He

Ji He Ji-Chang He

Research Profile

MS in Physiological Optics; PhD in Psychology

phone: 617-587-5778

Research Interests

Visual Optics

Dr. He’s primary area of interest is the optics of the eye and its visual performance. He is currently investigating accommodative changes in the ciliary muscle, the crystalline lens and the wavefront aberrations of the human eye. Dr. He is also studying the influence of peripheral aberrations and chromatic aberrations on myopia development. He is using various techniques including the wavefront aberrometer, corneal topography system, Scheimpflug imaging system and OCT.

Professional Memberships


Featured Publications

He JC, Fang YW. (2010) A Method of Scheimpflug Image Processing for Accurate Measurement of Ocular Surfaces. J Cataract Refract Surg. 36, 838-842.

Le RR, Bao JH, Chen DY, He JC, and Lu F. (2010) The effect of blur adaptation on accommodative response and pupil size during reading.  Journal of Vision 10, 1-12.

Liu R, Hu M, He JC, Xhou XT, Dia JH, Qu XM, Liu H, Chu RY. (2014) The effects of monochromatic illumination on early eye development in Rhesus monkeys. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 55,1901-1909.

He JC. (2014) Theoretical model of the contributions of corneal asphericity and anterior chamber depth on peripheral wavefront aberrations. Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics. 34, 321-330.

He JC. & Wang J. (2014) Measurement of wavefront aberrations and lens deformation in the accommodated eye with optical coherence tomography-equipped wavefront system.  Optics Express. 22, 9764-9773.