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Dr. Fuensanta Vera-Diaz’s Lab

Professor Fuensanta Vera-Diaz conducts research about refraction with her students.

Fuensanta and students

Refraction Methods

Student doing refraction with other studentcomputer showing images of eye
(left) MS Student Anne Bertolet performing subjective refraction.
(right) Students use view of software used to analyze eye movements.

Indoor/Outdoor Eye Movement Project: Amy Zhang

student studying eye movement
MS Student Amy Zhang evaluating eye movements.






Blur Projects

student looking at blur on computer
Subject performing a blur discrimination study.






Depth/stereopsis/amblyopia study

two students doing eye research
Research Assistant Steven Weifenbach evaluating stereopsis (depth perception).





Evaluation of Eye Health

student examining other student's eyes
Former MS student Kristen Kerber evaluating the ocular health of a research subject.