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As we head into 2019, we celebrate our 125th anniversary.  From our beginnings in 1894 as the Klein School of Optics in August Klein's house on Rutledge Street, New England College of Optometry has been a leader in the field as it has grown, changed, and created innovations for optometry.

As we look back at our history, we honor our past as we embrace our future as well as the future of Optometry itself.  From our beginnings, we have embraced a sense of purpose, a spirit of innovation, and a commitment to diversity.  Coeducational from the start, New England College of Optometry has been a school where great students become great doctors.

Throughout the 2018 Annual Report, you'll discover the exciting ways the College is embracing and exploring ways to better prepare our students to be agile practitioners, ready for technologies and changes we can't even imagine yet.

In 2018, we completed the final part of our Clinical Campus, opening our Clinical Training Center for students. The new CTC provides our students the opportunity to learn clinical skills using the latest and emerging technologies. Read more in our spotlight article.


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Class of 2022

Class of 2022 InfographicOn September 5, 2018, New England College of Optometry welcomed 134 students as members of the Class of 2022. Our newest community members represent 24 states and four countries (US, Canada, China and Ghana). Over half of the Class of 2022 come to NECO from four states (California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York) and one Canadian province (Ontario). Many members of the Class of 2022 hold dual citizenship. representing ten countries: Canada, China, Croatia, Ghana, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Portugal, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The tight-knit group immediately found opportunities to work together, socialize together, and support one another. 

“Our class makes sure that we have everything we need to succeed, whether it's having partners to practice with, people to answer questions, or resources to share,” notes Sahithi Rani, Class of 2022. Classmate Diane Pangilinan agrees, “From my experience, the first year class is always willing to help one another. This class has so much determination for success and that motivates all of us to be great at what we do.”  Michelle Truong, OD1, explains,  “The Class of 2022 is full of hardworking individuals who are never shy of offering extra help in academics, clinic, and even things outside of NECO. There’s always a helping hand and open ears available.”

“The Class of 2022 brings to NECO their independent spirits and their ability to utilize and adapt to new technologies throughout their educational journeys,” notes Sandra Mohr, interim Dean of Academic Affairs.  “These experiences will help them continue to adjust to the changing optometric profession and will help lead the way for the future of the profession.  The Class of 2022 has displayed the ability to work collaboratively and care about others that they work and serve as well as being determined to succeed and are open-minded thriving in a changing environment.”