Leadership Scholarship Program

An Investment in NECO’s Future

Ken Taylor, OD

“I think it is important to give back to the school and that can happen in many ways. In addition to donating financially to the College, my work establishing the eye center at Lynn Community Health Center helped to expand the school's teaching facilities. I knew if we could get this eye center off the ground, it had the potential to be a valuable teaching site for students. The number of students training there now and the number of eye exams provided each year has exceeded my wildest dreams.”

Ken Taylor, OD ’77, took the long road home toward optometry. Following graduation from NECO, Dr. Taylor, a third-generation optometrist, chose a less-than-conventional pathway to a successful career in optometry. After a brief stint at Bio-Rad Laboratories, Dr. Taylor was intent on satisfying his intellectual curiosity, so he founded KETA Corporation, a medical device manufacturer. Among other activities, Dr. Taylor was responsible for new product development. His first foray in the ophthalmic diagnostic instrument arena included development of the first hand-held tonometer.

Dr. Taylor has spent considerable time in his career transforming practices and inculcating technology into a variety of practice settings. “It takes 7 – 8 times longer to gather data than to analyze the data and make a diagnosis,” he explains. “As a result, there is a lot of opportunity to improve patient care.” For one of his projects, Dr. Taylor re-engineered the eye exam and surgical programs at Kaiser Permanente to manage patient flow and reduced the backlog from six weeks to one week. Relying on his experience with changing practice behavior, Dr. Taylor recognized the movement toward larger practices and ambulatory surgical centers, redirecting his focus toward mergers and acquisitions. 

When asked what he is most proud of during his successful career, he noted work establishing the eye clinic at the Lynn Community Health Center (LCHC). Dr. Taylor contributed resources, including significant in-kind support of skilled practice management, to create an efficient and effective eye clinic. Today, NECO students and residents gain invaluable clinical experience at LCHC.

Dr. Taylor continues to find other ways to contribute to the College. Together with his brother Keith, OD '81, Dr. Taylor is a Leadership Scholar Mentor at New England College of Optometry.  The Leadership Scholarship Mentor Program provides students with a $10,000 scholarship in addition to access to a mentor during their time at the College. 

Now retired, Ken is as involved and engaged as ever. In addition to serving as a mentor through the NECO Leadership Scholarship program, he is an avid photographer, and boating enthusiast. He is currently overseeing the construction of a power boat at Boston Boatworks, and he hopes to launch the vessel in the spring of 2018. 

Already in its fifth year, the Leadership Scholarship program matches first year students with individuals or groups of mentors who support them on their path towards optometry. Through this program, individual and group leaders provide leadership, personal, and professional mentorship to a student throughout their four years at NECO. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Leadership Scholarship Mentor to assist future optometrists in the pursuit of their studies, contact NECO’s Office of Institutional Advancement at 617.587.5585.

The Philanthropist's Society

Members of the Philanthropist’s Society are recognized for their cumulative giving to New England College of Optometry and NECO Center for Eye Care. This distinguished group has demonstrated their exceptional commitment to optometric education. We are pleased to express our gratitude for their philanthropic leadership.

($500,000 and greater)

Alcon Laboratories
Bausch & Lomb
Estate of Joseph Feldberg, OD '52
Lester Marcus, OD '54 *
Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

($250,000 - $499,999)

Stella Beider *
CIBA Vision
Essilor of America, Inc.
The Ludcke Foundation
Marco Family Foundation
Maurice Saval *
Vision Service Plan
Vistakon, Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
Clinton Wilson, OD '43 *

($100,000 - $249,999)

Allergan, Inc.
American Diabetes Association
Estate of Arthur W. Baker, OD '67
Bank of America N.A., Trustee of the Perpetual Trust for Charitable Giving
Boston Center for Blind Children
Edith Heymans *
G. Burtt Holmes, OD '52
Donald R. Korb, OD and Joan M. Exford, OD
Luxottica Group
Christine & Steven Manfredi
Polymer Technology
Mary Scott, OD '68 and Clifford Scott, OD '68, MPH
Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation
State Street Foundation
The Whitaker Foundation

($50,000 - $99,999)

B&R Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
The Boston Foundation
Elizabeth Chen and Richard Edmiston
Citizens Bank Charitable Foundation
Friends of the Disabled
Gould Family Charitable Foundation
Kristen K. Griebel, OD '97
Edith Hochstadt *
HOYA Vision Care
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Arnold Katz, OD '50 *
Monthe N. Kofos, OD '43 *
OneSight Research Foundation
Reader's Digest Partners for Sight Foundation
Melvin Stack, OD '53
William R. Tolford, OD '55 *


Foster Namias Legacy Society

The Foster Namias Legacy Society honors individuals who have included New England College of Optometry in their estate plans. We recognize this esteemed group of individuals with deep gratitude for their commitment to the future success of the College.
Arthur W. Baker, OD '67 *
Stella Beider *
Larry R. Clausen, OD
Paul A. DeCesare, OD '69
Carl E. Doughty, OD '69
Joseph Feldberg, OD '52 *
Marion and Eugene I. Fischer, OD '61 *
Kristen K. Griebel, OD '97
David J. Helfman, OD '69
Edith Heymans *
Dorothy Lea Hitchmoth, OD '96
Edith Hochstadt *
G. Burtt Holmes, OD '52
Arnold Katz, OD '50 *
Benjamin J. Lambert, III, OD '62 *
Joan C. and Alton W. Lamont, OD '55
Peter Gilbert Lapre, OD '88
Wendy J. Leslie, OD '74
Lester Marcus, OD '54 *
Joseph F. Molinari, OD '74
Jean T. and Pasquale L. Palomba, OD '38*
Andrew J. Portoghese, OD '60
Harvey David Rappoport, OD '75
Maurice Saval *
Norman C. Spector, Esq.
Melvin Stack, OD '53
Timothy W. Tolford, OD '79
William Ronald Tolford, OD '55 *
Guang-Ji Wang, OD, MD '92
Roger J. Wilson, OD '80
Harry I. Zeltzer, OD '52, DOS

2017 Annual Fund

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our many supporters. The following list reflects gifts received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. We apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions.

The President's Circle

The President’s Circle recognizes alumni and friends whose gifts to the 2017 Annual Appeal totaled $1,000 or more. Members of this group are among the College’s most loyal supporters and are recognized at the following giving levels.

($100,000 +)

Estate of Arthur W. Baker, OD '67
Estate of Joseph Feldberg, OD '52

($50,000 - $99,999)

Essilor of America, Inc.
Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

($25,000 - $49,999)

Alcon Laboratories
The Ludcke Foundation
Mary Scott, OD '68 and Clifford Scott, OD '68, MPH

($10,000 - $24,999)

Boathouse Group, Inc.
Boston Center for Blind Children
G. Burtt Holmes, OD '52
Donald R. Korb, OD and Joan M. Exford, OD
National Vision, Inc.
Vision Service Plan

($5,000 - $9,999)

Allergan, Inc.
Contact Lens Manufacturers Assocation
Jane E. Fisher
Kristen K. Griebel, OD '97
Andrew Hoar  
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
Elizabeth Knight
Estate of Benjamin J. Lambert, III, OD '62
Legal Sea Foods, LLC   
Luxottica Group
Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers
New England Private Wealth Advisors, LLC   
Partners HealthCare   
Rockland Trust Company
VPNE Parking Solutions, LLC   
ZEISS Meditec

($2,500 - $4,999)

Paul Ajamian, OD '80
Jason Chin, OD '04
Laura Dake Roche, OD '85
Elizabeth Davies
Robert B. DiMartino, OD, MS
Ronald R. Ferrucci, OD '74
David J. Helfman, OD '69
Traci Logan
Neighborhood Health Plan
New England Patriots Foundation
Susan G. Rodgin, OD '84
South Boston Community Health Center
Joseph P. Zolner, EdD

($1,000 - $2,499)

Baharak Asefzadeh, OD '03, MS
Linda Bennett, OD '80
Kathryn M. Beveridge, OD '89
Randolph Brooks, OD '77
Michael T. Burns
Burns & Levinson LLP
Anthony Cavallerano, OD '72
CBIZ Tofias
Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, OD '73
Codman Square Health Center
The Cooper Companies
Joseph A. D'Amico, OD '63
Joseph R. Donatelle, OD '61
Claudia C. Evans, OD '74
Stephen A. Feltus, OD '72
David A. Fleishman, MD
Drs. Richard and Julianne Rapalus Gallerani '84
Alan R. Gold, OD '74, JD
Howard (Hank) Greenberg
Harbor Health Services, Inc.
Richard M. Heller, Esq.
Celia A. Hinrichs, OD '79
Irwin Jacobs
Reginald H. Jones, OD '81
Barbara D. Kamens
Catherine A. Kennedy, OD '78
Brian S. Klinger, OD
Marielle Kwon, OD '95
Janet LaBreck
Heather Ann Lacey
Wendy J. Leslie, OD '74

Alan L. Lewis, OD '65, PhD
Loretta M. Li, OD '82
Lawrence Lupo, OD '77
Lynch Associates
Kelly M. MacDonald, OD '01
Maura Callahan Group, LLC
Jonathan Marcus
Robert F. Meenan, MD, MPH, MBA
Drs. Janis F. Mertz '82 and James R. Mertz '07
David Miller, MD
Iris M. Miller '11
David Mills, OD '80
Sandra Mohr, MS, MA, EdD
George R. Montminy, OD '69
Rachel E. Negris, OD '84
Neurotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
North End Community Health Center
O'Neill, Athy & Casey, P.C.
Philip W. Johnston Associates, LLC
Roblin Insurance Agency, Inc.
Joel B. Rosen, MBA
Robert N. Rosenstein, OD '74
Sapers & Wallack
Seyfarth Shaw, LLP
Norman C. Spector, JD
Kenneth Taylor, OD '77
Keith Taylor, OD '81
Eleanor Titelbaum
Frederick Valentine, OD '76
The Vision Council
Dr. Mitzi and Mr. Hal Witkin
Pano Yeracaris, MD, MPH
Harry I. Zeltzer, OD '52, DOS

Recognized Donors

The following group of donations recognizes alumni and friends who contributed to the 2017 Annual Fund. They are recognized at the following giving levels.

Patron ($500 - $999)

Britt Elizabeth Adornato VanValkenberg, OD '98
Estate of Warren and Stella Beider
Paul Mauro Cangiano, OD '96
Cornelius 'Con' Chapman, JD
Charles River Community Health, Inc.
Sally H. Dang, OD '94
Barry M. Fisch, OD '71
Drs. John and Anne Marie Gaetani '89
Phillip Granberry
Ruth Joress
Paul J. Kantrowich, OD '74
Ernest Loewenstein, OD '77
MAB Community Services
Massachusetts Society of Optometrists
Eileen C. McGill, OD '78
Frederick Moffa, OD '95
Michael Newman, OD '67
Northeast Congress of Optometry
Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP
Eugene T. O'Leary, OD '79
Robert Parks, OD '84
John J. Pietrantonio, OD '80
Kathleen Prucnal, OD
Michelle Rahimian, OD '99
Jack Richman, OD
Shapiro/Fleishman Fund
TruForm Optics, Inc.
Lynn Wittman, OD '76
Wei Zhu, OD '10

Friend ($250 - $499)

Joseph W. Alger, OD '57
Douglas P. Benoit, OD '83
Tim J. Bossie, OD '12
David J. Caban, OD '77
Ina Carducci
Mark Cataudella
Gary Y.K. Chu, OD '95, MPH
Jeffrey LuCash Cohn, OD '12
James Comerford, OD '78
The Cotting School
CVS Health
Lena A. Desjardins, OD '13
DotHouse Health Inc.
Michael G. Flynn
William J. Gleason, OD '74
Edward Goldberg, OD '70
Tammy Gray, OD '06
Beth Harper, OD
Dorothy L. Hitchmoth, OD '96
Arthur V. Horvitz, OD '68
Emily S. Kachinsky, OD '08
Laura J. Kain, OD '97
Neil Kemp, OD '95
Kathleen Leona Krenzer, OD '90
Colin L. Leitch, MDiv
Jill Lund
Katherine Majzoub, RN, MBA

Alexis Malkin, OD '08
John C. Minardi, OD '85
David C. Momnie, OD '74
Salvatore Musumeci, OD '87
Eliezer Peli, MSc, OD '83
Patrick F. Phelan, OD '72
Howard B. Purcell, OD '84
Nicole Quinn, OD '01
Steven Rafalowsky, OD '81
Nicole C. Ross, OD '11
Frances Rucker, PhD
Robert J Ryan
Randall Scott
David J. Sheinkopf, OD '67
Toyota 4Good
Visus Technology
Erik Weissberg, OD '97
Linda Wirth, OD '89
Blair Wong
Yuhui Zhu, OD '12

Sponsor (up to $249)

Myron Allukian, Jr., DDS, MPH
AmazonSmile Foundation
Phyllis Andrejko, OD '97
Diane M. Aramony
Katarzyna Babinski, OD '12
Kayla B. Baker, OD '03
Deborah Greenberg Baron, OD '98
Belisa A. Basile, OD '84
Daniel Arthur Bastian, OD '12
Elena Z. Biffi, OD '10, M.Sc
Joseph Y. Bistricer, OD '80
Frederick H. Bloom, OD '75
Henry Boroyan, OD '69
Emily Bouchard
Kimberly Anne Budri, OD '08
Amy Lynn Camerota-Moltenbrey, OD '09
Ronald Cedrone, OD '78
Ellen Cutone
Aurora Liberace Denial, OD '84
Eric David Dostal, OD '97
Tom Duchardt
Heather Stone Edmonds
John Facchin, OD
Michael S. Feinberg, OD '77
Fernandes & Charest, P.C.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Finkel
Philip E. Friedman, OD, '62
Rosemary Gaddum Gordon
Theodore B. Gordon, OD '69
Lucinda A. Gould
Michael A. Goulde
Michael J. Gousy, OD '88
Catherine Grant
Camille M. Guzek-Latka, OD '83
Maureen M. Hanley, OD '81
Douglas J. Hoffman, OD '80
Richard J. Jamara, OD '80, FAAO
Jonathon H. Jimmerson, OD '12

Tracy Kelley
Stephen N. Kirnon, MBA, EdD
Drs. Barry M. Kowalik and Denise Dobbins-Kowalik, '89
Lisa M. Kralian, OD, '85
Shelia Lawler
Ha Tien Thi Le, OD '12
Stacy Ayn Lyons, OD '88
Cynthia P. Macdonald, JD
David E. Magnus, OD '81
Peter Massad, OD
John McBrine
Barbara McGinley
Andrew D.L. McLeod, OD '06
Megan McPhail, OD
Jeffrey S. Meltzer
Kellie Mendenhall-Cuadrado
Anne Moskowitz, OD '93
Nicholas V. Motto, OD '02
Amy Roan Moy, OD '03
Mutual of America Foundation
Oscar Weijay Ni, OD '96
Brian J. Pietrantonio, OD '11
Debbie Powers
Susan A. Primo, OD '85, MPH
David Quartz, OD '83
Anthony Regonini, OD '78
Matthew P. Ritchie
Camille B. Ruan
Madonna M. Santos, OD '87
Angelica Edith Scanzera, OD '14
Seth D. Seidel, OD '81
Robert H. Sherrin, OD '77
Robert Shulman, OD '57
Richard N. Small, CPA
Michael L. Smookler, OD '89
Elaine R. Sokoloff
Alan Soll, OD '83
Paul L. Sonenblum, OD '03
Irwin B. Suchoff, OD '59, DOS
Paulette D. Tattersall
Arnold H. Vogel, OD '67
Hans J. Vonnahme, OD '98
Brian W. Wadman, OD '85
Margery Warren
Meng M. Xu, OD
Beverly Young, OD '88
Kathleen Therese Zinzer McCarthy, OD '93


In Kind

Drs. Michael J. Cohn ’77 and Suzanne LuCash Cohn ’79
John E. Butterworth
Dedham Ophthalmic Consultants and Surgeons
Clark O. Dexter, OD '76
Essilor of America, Inc.
Grossman Marketing Group
Andrew Hoar
The Lifestyle Company, Inc.
Traci A. Logan
Maura Callahan Group, LLC
National Vision, Inc.

* Deceased
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