Foster Namias Legacy Society Donor Spotlight

An Investment in NECO’s Future

Joseph Feldberg, OD '52
1919 – 2011

“…this is my way (the scholarship fund) of returning something to the school and the community that will live on after me.”

In June of 2016, New England College of Optometry received the single largest donation of its 122-year history—a bequest from the estate of alumnus Joseph Feldberg, OD, Class of 1952.  A member of the Foster Namias Legacy Society since its inception, it was the intention of Dr. Feldberg to give back to the institution that he held in such high regard and that prepared him well for years of successful practice.  Dr. Feldberg explained, “I was so happy that I was an optometrist and very proud of it.”

Prior to enrolling in study at the Massachusetts College of Optometry (as it was known at the time), Feldberg received a BS in Zoology from the University of Arkansas, worked on a Master’s Degree at Long Island University, and attended Columbia for one year. He also completed a total of 14 years of military service through the college Air Force ROTC program and the Army Air Corps, achieving the rank of Major. While in the military he served as a bombardier/navigator, flying B-26s during the Solomon Islands campaign in World War II. He flew more than 25 combat missions.

Dr. Feldberg was not a stranger to hard work. He took jobs beginning at the age of 10 during the depression and he worked summers during his college years.  Through the creation of the Feldberg Scholarship Fund, he has expressed an expectation that award recipients value the same work ethic he embodied by studying hard and achieving a notable grade point average.

After working in family and individual practice for more than 30 years, Dr. Feldberg retired at the age of 65, feeling that there was great reward in being able to give back after having been successful in his own optometry practices.  Perhaps Dr. Feldberg’s philanthropy will inspire NECO alumni as well as future graduates to step forward and provide much-needed assistance to students eager to go forth in the community, serve, and become great optometrists.

The New England College of Optometry is grateful for the generous support and foresight of alumni such as Dr. Feldberg in creating endowed scholarship funds. These funds enable the College to attract the most promising students through the availability of tuition assistance dollars.  Every dollar helps with the rising cost of education and the associated expenses of living in the bustling and cosmopolitan city of Boston.  Consider the rewards of making your own gift today.

The Dr. Joseph and Judith Ann Feldberg Scholarship Fund will provide significant financial awards to deserving students in their last three years of study at NECO.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member of the Foster Namias Legacy Society or about creating an endowed  NECO scholarship of your own to assist future optometrists in the pursuit of their studies, contact NECO’s Office of Institutional Advancement at 617.587.5585.

(Cumulative giving of $50,000 or more)

The Philanthropist's Society

Members of the Philanthropist’s Society are recognized for their cumulative giving to the New England College of Optometry and New England Eye. This distinguished group has demonstrated their exceptional commitment to optometric education and we are pleased to express our gratitude for their philanthropic leadership.

($500,000 and greater)

Estate of Joseph Feldberg, OD '52
Bausch & Lomb
Lester Marcus, OD '54 *
Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

($250,000 - $499,999)

Alcon Laboratories
Stella Beider *
CIBA Vision
Essilor of America, Inc.
The Ludcke Foundation
Marco Family Foundation
Maurice Saval *
Vision Service Plan
Vistakon, Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
Clinton Wilson, OD '43 *

($100,000 - $249,999)

Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation
Allergan, Inc.
American Diabetes Association
Estate of Arthur W. Baker, OD '67
Bank of America N.A., Trustee of the Perpetual Trust for Charitable Giving
Boston Center for Blind Children
Edith Heymans *
G. Burtt Holmes, OD '52
Donald R. Korb, OD and Joan M. Exford, OD
Luxottica Group
Christine & Steven Manfredi
Polymer Technology
Mary Scott, OD '68 and Clifford Scott, OD '68, MPH
State Street Foundation
The Whitaker Foundation

($50,000 - $99,999)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
B&R Foundation
The Boston Foundation
Elizabeth Chen and Richard Edmiston
Citizens Bank Charitable Foundation
Friends of the Disabled
Gould Family Charitable Foundation
Kristen K. Griebel, OD '97
Edith Hochstadt *
HOYA Vision Care
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Arnold Katz, OD '50 *
Monthe N. Kofos, OD '43 *
OneSight Research Foundation
Reader's Digest Partners for Sight Foundation
Melvin Stack, OD '53
William R. Tolford, OD '55 *


Foster Namias Legacy Society

The Foster Namias Legacy Society honors individuals who have remembered the New England College of Optometry in their estate plans. We recognize this esteemed group of individuals with deep gratitude for their commitment to the future success of the College.

Arthur W. Baker, OD ‘67 *
Stella Beider *
Larry R. Clausen, OD
Paul A. DeCesare, OD ‘69
Carl E. Doughty, OD ‘69
Joseph Feldberg, OD ‘52 *
Marion and Eugene I. Fischer, OD ‘61 *
Kristen K. Griebel, OD ‘97
David J. Helfman, OD ‘69
Edith Heymans *
Dorothy Lea Hitchmoth, OD ‘96
Edith Hochstadt *
G. Burtt Holmes, OD ‘52
Arnold Katz, OD ‘50 *
Benjamin J. Lambert, III, OD ‘62 *
Joan C. and Alton W. Lamont, OD ‘55
Peter Gilbert Lapre, OD ‘88
Wendy J. Leslie, OD ‘74
Lester Marcus, OD ‘54 *
Joseph F. Molinari, OD ‘74
Jean T. and Pasquale L. Palomba, OD ‘38*
Andrew J. Portoghese, OD ‘60
Harvey David Rappoport, OD ‘75
Maurice Saval *
Norman C. Spector, Esq.
Melvin Stack, OD ‘53
Timothy W. Tolford, OD ‘79
William Ronald Tolford, OD ‘55 *
Guang-Ji Wang, OD, MD ‘92
Roger J. Wilson, OD ‘80
Harry I. Zeltzer, OD ‘52, DOS

2016 Annual Fund

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our many supporters. The following list reflects gifts received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. We apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions.

(Cumulative giving of $1,000 or more)

The President's Circle

The President’s Circle recognizes alumni and friends whose gifts to the 2016 Annual Appeal totaled $1,000 or more. Members of this group are among the College’s most loyal supporters and are recognized at the following giving levels.

($100,000 +)

Estate of Joseph Feldberg, OD '52

($50,000 - $99,999)

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

($25,000 - $49,999)

Alcon Laboratories
The Ludcke Foundation
Luxottica Group

($10,000 - $24,999)

Bank of America N.A., Trustee of the Perpetual Trust for Charitable Giving
Boston Center for Blind Children
Gratis Foundation
G. Burtt Holmes, OD '52
HOYA Vision Care
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
Mary Scott, OD '68 and Clifford Scott, OD '68, MPH
Vision Service Plan

($5,000 - $9,999)

Allergan, Inc.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA Foundation
Donald R. Korb, OD and Joan M. Exford, OD
Jane E. Fisher
Kristen K. Griebel, OD '97
Andrew Hoar
Estate of Benjamin J. Lambert, III, OD '62
Kenneth J. Myers, OD '74, PhD

($2,500 - $4,999)

Anthony Cavallerano, OD '72
Edward H. Fitch, OD
David J. Helfman, OD '69
Khuong An Nguyen, OD '03
Howard B. Purcell, OD '84
Laura Dake Roche, OD '85
Susan G. Rodgin, OD '84

($1,000 - $2,499)

Bausch & Lomb
Estate of Warren and Stella Beider
Linda Bennett, OD '80
Kathryn M. Beveridge, OD '89
Randolph Brooks, OD '77
David J. Caban, OD '77
Terry L.N. Chin, OD '76
Gary Y.K. Chu, OD '95, MPH
The Cooper Companies
Joseph A. D'Amico, OD '63
Sally H. Dang, OD '94
Elizabeth Davies
Robert B. DiMartino, OD, MS
Joseph R. Donatelle, OD '61
Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc.
Claudia C. Evans, OD '74
Stephen A. Feltus, OD '72
Ronald R. Ferrucci, OD '74
Drs. Richard and Julianne Rapalus Gallerani '84
Alan R. Gold, OD '74
Richard M. Heller, Esq.
Celia A. Hinrichs, OD '79
Irwin Jacobs
Daniel J. Jandreau, OD '95
Wilhelm Jaremczuk, OD '78
Lynette K. Johns, OD '04

Barbara D. Kamens
Paul J. Kantrowich, OD '74
Allen I. Kaplan, OD '67
Brian S. Klinger, OD
Marielle Kwon, OD '95
Wendy J. Leslie, OD '74
Alan L. Lewis, OD '65, PhD
Loretta M. Li, OD '82
Ernest Loewenstein, OD '77
Traci A. Logan
Lawrence Lupo, OD '77
Kelly M. MacDonald, OD '01
Jonathan Marcus
Barbara McGinley
Robert F. Meenan, MD, MPH, MBA
Drs. Janis F. Mertz '82 and James R. Mertz '07
John Joseph Mertzlufft, OD '87
Iris M. Miller '11
George R. Montminy, OD '69
National Vision, Inc.
Rachel E. Negris, OD '84
Dennis Pardo, OD '97
Alan M. Rapoport, OD '86
Joel B. Rosen, MBA
Robert N. Rosenstein, OD '74
Norman C. Spector, JD
Kenneth Taylor, OD '77
Keith Taylor, OD '81
Eleanor Titelbaum
Clement L. Trempe, MD
TruForm Optics, Inc.
Young's Valley Contax, Inc.
Winer Foundation Agency
Dr. Mitzi and Mr. Hal Witkin
Joseph P. Zolner, EdD

Additional Donors

The following group of donors recognizes alumni and friends whose gifts to the 2016 Annual Fund were up to $999. They are recognized at the following giving levels.

Patron ($500 - $999)

James Casazza, OD '71
John A. Child, OD '82
Jason Chin, OD '04
James Comerford, OD '78
Ralph W. Eaves, OD '84
Ethis Communications, Inc.
Lawrence T. Ginsberg, OD '84
Paul Heyman, OD '66
Ruth Joress
Catherine A. Kennedy, OD '78
Neil Kozol, OD '81
Michele Ann Lagana, OD '92
Richard E. Lippman, OD '68
Brian Lynch, OD '81
Michael S. McAvoy, OD '84
Eileen C. McGill, OD '78
Andrew D.L. McLeod, OD '06
Frederick Moffa, OD '95
Michael Newman, OD '67
Northeast Congress of Optometry
Eugene T. O'Leary, OD '79
John J. Pietrantonio, OD '80
Rajini Seevaratnam, OD '15
Jeanette M. Sewell, OD '81
Shapiro/Fleishman Fund
Cathy Stern, OD
Philip L. Sutherland, OD '86
Frederick Valentine, OD '76
Winston W. Yao, OD '99
Pano Yeracaris, MD, MPH
Harry I. Zeltzer, OD '52, DOS

Friend ($250 - $499)

Joseph W. Alger, OD '57
Phyllis Andrejko, OD '97
Diane M. Aramony
Sally Austin-Fitzpatrick, OD '82
James M. Aylward, OD '85
Douglas P. Benoit, OD '83
Nancy Broude, EdM
Mark Cataudella
Cornelius 'Con' Chapman, JD
Maria Eluszkiewicz
Michael Flynn
David B. Gaudreau, OD '86
Edward Goldberg, OD '70
Tammy Gray, OD '06
Howard (Hank) Greenberg
Tina Hall
Maureen Hanley, OD '81
Elise Noel Harb, OD '04
Dorothy L. Hitchmoth, OD '96
Anthony W. Iraca, OD '88
Garry S. Kain, OD '74
Stephen N. Kirnon, MBA, EdD
Steven Koevary, PhD
Shelia Lawler
Colin L. Leitch, MDiv
Norma A. MacLeod
Jean M. Martori-Cram
Glen L. McCormack, OD
Salvatore Musumeci, OD '87
Mutual of America Foundation
Mark W. O'Donoghue, OD '82
Robert Parks, OD '84
Eliezer Peli, MSc, OD '83
Patrick F. Phelan, OD '72
Walter Potaznick, OD '76
Kathleen Prucnal, OD
Nicole Quinn, OD '01
Nicole C. Ross, OD '11
Steven Santos, OD '89
Steven Saramanidis, OD, '68
Susanne L Shays
Henry W. Stevens, OD '74
Margery Warren
Erik Weissberg, OD '97
Yuhui Zhu, OD '12

Sponsor (up to $249)

John Mark Abbondanza, OD '88
Myron Allukian, Jr., DDS, MPH
Vitelio Almeyda
Arthur W. Baker, OD '67 *
Kayla B. Baker, OD '03
Virginia Q. Banks
David Baron, OD '89
Marvin G. Baum, OD '64
Andrew L. Berger, OD '96
George D. Bertherman, OD '93
Michael D. Billig, OD '83
Joseph Y. Bistricer, OD '80
Drs. Paul Zerbinopoulos & Pamela L. Blodgett '88
Jessica Bonitatibus
Timothy J. Bossie, OD '12
James Bourgeois, OD '82
Robert A. Buck, OD '91
Ina Carducci
Cherelle Chal
Ceida Chan, OD
Sarah Kit-Yee Cheng, OD '13
A. Robert Child, Jr., OD '78
Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, OD '73
Taylor Cleland
Linda Cole
Nancy Coletta, OD
Robert A. Connors, OD '81
Donald Costello, OD '95
Donald H. Czelusniak, OD '66
Patricia Dahill
Richard A. Dahill and Tina Sanford Dahill
Judith R. Darrow, OD '90
David R. De Ruosi, OD '87
Aurora Liberace Denial, OD '84
Mark S. Deresienski, OD '75
Robert J. Doty, Jr., OD '75
Tom Duchardt
Kyla M. Duchin, OD '08
Heather Stone Edmonds
George J. Ehlert, OD '67
Peter T. Eudenbach, OD '55
R. Craig Evans, OD '85
Xiaomin Fang, OD '12
James H. Fantazian, OD '62
Ben Feingold Thoryn
Chester S. Fichandler, OD '73
John R. Flaherty, OD '48
Irving Fradkin, OD '43 *
Philip E. Friedman, OD, '62
Stuart A. Friedman, OD '81
Harriett Gadson
Gary A. Galante, OD '84
Mary Ellen Gallick Simmons, OD '85
Roland E. Gaudette, OD '59
Steven A. Goldstein, OD '83
Ana Marie Gomes, OD '90
Lucinda A. Gould
Catherine Grant
Marcia K. Green, OD '74
Charles Griffen, OD '83
Alan Grossman, OD '68
E. Robert Grossman, OD '64
Randy Grover, OD '94
David L. Guiseley, OD '87
Weiqun Guo, OD '09
Kerry Ann Hile, OD
Marie Hill
Julie E. Hiura, OD '12
Ingrid Hoogendoorn
Marek Jacisin
Jeanette Jezick, OD '93
Jonathon H. Jimmerson, OD '12
Tracy Kelley
E. Bruce Kirn, OD '66
Lisa M. Kralian, OD, '85
Michael Lakher, OD, PhD
Peter Gilbert Lapre, OD '88

Steven Lary, OD '82
Ha Tien Thi Le, OD '12
Kenneth S. Lee, OD '91
Mark A. Leipert, OD '00
Wayne M. Levasseur, OD '80
Phyllis A. Liu, OD
Myles and Lois Lopatin
Jeremy Lowe
Jill Lund
David E. Magnus, OD '81
Jenny K. Mai, OD '02
Alexis Malkin, OD '08
Martin Mark, OD '66
John McGinty
Gordon McMurdo, OD '54
Megan McPhail, OD
Barbara Meltzer
Jeffrey S. Meltzer
Kellie Mendenhall-Cuadrado
Ellen Mierzewski
David Miller, MD
Paul Mills
John C. Minardi, OD '85
Peter F. Morse, OD '79
Anne Moskowitz, OD '93
Nicholas V. Motto, OD '02
Milly Mui, OD '09
William M. Myers, OD '52
Tecleab G. Neguse
Debora Nickla
John R. Paskowski, OD '88
Deborah Picard
Brian J. Pietrantonio, OD '11
Donald Plum, OD '71
Susan A. Primo, OD '85, MPH
David Rearwin, OD
Anthony Regonini, OD '78
Tal Reichert
Cheryl K. Robson, OD '80
Jeffrey Rose, OD '73
Gitta Rott, OD '87
Camille B. Ruan
Carol Rubel
Hector Santiago, OD, PhD
Neil I. Schram, OD '71
Margot S. Seligman, OD '85
Ronald J. Serra, OD '70
Mirage Shah, OD '12
Arnold Shapiro, OD '72
Robert H. Sherrin, OD '77
Michael A. Simeone, OD '82
L. Mark Slawson
William E. Sleight, OD '82
Richard N. Small, CPA
Harrison T. Smiley, OD '68
Robert A. Smith, OD '72
Elaine R. Sokoloff
Paul L. Sonenblum, OD '03
Irwin B. Suchoff, OD '59, DOS
Emily Summers
Irving J. Tanzman, OD '66
Paulette D. Tattersall
Kristie Teets, OD '04
Denise A. Thomas-Wilcox, OD, PhD '85
James Toop, OD '84, PhD
Glenda Underwood
David G. Vanderloop, OD '04
Brian W. Wadman, OD '85
Qiaoqiao Wang, OD '13
Min Xu, OD '12
Beverly Young, OD '88
Minsheng Yuan, OD '14
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zaksheski

In Kind

Drs. Michael J. Cohn ’77 and Suzanne LuCash Cohn ’79

* Deceased
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