Great Experiences Forge Great Doctors

We're pleased to introduce our online Annual Report for the New England College of Optometry (NECO). We value your input and hope you will take the time to offer us feedback and re-connect with our institution.  Our success hinges on the dedication of our faculty and staff, the commitment of our Board, and the ongoing support of our alumni and corporate and community partners.

As will become evident throughout this report, NECO is on the move – we are stronger than ever, confident about our future, alert to our challenges, and resolute in our commitment to give optometry’s future leaders the confidence, knowledge, and critical reasoning skills to practice expertly and thrive in the rapidly evolving world of healthcare.

We believe experience matters.  NECO’s location in the center of Boston’s medical community, combined with the most expansive clinical network in the country, creates the optimum environment for educating students about the vital role an optometrist plays as a member of patient-centered healthcare teams.  This belief is reflected in our brand promise: Great Experiences Forge Great Doctors. 

Our students learn within a vast, clinical network that includes  hospitals, community health centers, schools, private practices, elder care sites, the Veterans Administration, a Mobile Van and NECO’s owned and operated clinics.  This network was intentionally designed to prepare students of optometry for the complexities of professional practice by immersing them in diverse healthcare settings with patients from different backgrounds.  Our students impact hundreds of lives during their time at NECO, reinforcing our belief that the best teachers are often the patients we serve. 


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Class of 2020

Infographic with statistics and quotes about the Class of 2020.In August of 2016, New England College of Optometry welcomed the largest class in our 122-year history. The Class of 2020 is unique for more reasons than its illustrious year of graduation, which turns out to be very apropos given their choice of professions. Although they are a diverse group and come from different backgrounds, they share two common characteristics: they are all from the generation sometimes referred to as millenials, and more importantly, they are all seeking a career in optometry. 

In general, competition for any optometry degree program is rigorous and NECO is no exception.  In spite of the competitive nature of making application to optometry programs, NECO received more than 800 applications for the class of 2020. Our large class can be attributed to the fact NECO provides an early and diverse and intense clinical experience, is of relatively small size, is a single curriculum institution, and along with the Boston location, are all factors that make coming to NECO very attractive.

Every class has a personality, and the class of 2020 is no exception. Kristen Tobin, Director of Admissions acknowledged that the class of 2020 is highly motivated and academically prepared. She explains, “There is something very special about this class.  Throughout the recruitment process, and during their first semester at NECO, I have found the Class of 2020 students to be extremely dedicated, friendly, humble and hard-working.  As a whole they bring a sense of positive energy to the College and their passion for optometry and commitment to service is very evident.”

NECO students, and the class of 2020 in particular, have a strong humanitarian commitment. Many first year students have already signed on to work towards a VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) trip in their third year. Every year, 25 students accompany a faculty member, Bina Patel, OD, and other volunteer optometrists, to an underserved or third world country to provide eye and vision care as part of VOSH trip.  To be eligible to go on a VOSH medical mission, NECO students accumulate a certain number of volunteer hours at the College and in the Boston community.

View the NECO Class of 2020 infographic.