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Southern Rhode Island

  • Part-time at Dr Steven Kreiger,
    Posted Wednesday, February 14
  • South Kingstown, Rhode Island, Part-time
  • Contact: Steven
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Starting out as a temporary position while I am abroad for six weeks, mid-July thru mid-August 2018. The days can be very flexible, from 1 - 3 days a week. Hours are also flexible – pick your own! The town is a lovely seaside community with a mix of college, tourists, families and retirement groups.

I am a solo practitioner. I use Eyefinity EHR software, I am amenable to having you come in prior to my departure for one day a week if you are available just to get the rhythm of the office. Exams every thirty minutes. Take time for lunch. Staff is on site but most workups are done by the doctor. In between exams, people walk in for eyeglass adjustments. You may need to help with some repairs if the staff cannot do it, or to measure some seg heights. Pay will be fair - based on the hours per day and the existing average rate.

Are you a retired practitioner looking for something temporary? I would be happy to talk to you. Are you a young practitioner looking to get some extra hours? That's ok too. Is your goal to be an employee, or an owner? If you enjoy the practice setting and want to continue, I may consider adjusting my hours to make room for a more permanent part-time associate.

Please call if any questions. Also email, cell phone 401.787.5617