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Comprehensive Academic Vision Centers

New England College of Optometry (NECO) Center for Eye Care encompasses our two comprehensive vision centers in Boston that provide comprehensive vision services to individuals at all stages of life. Formerly known as New England Eye, NECO Center for Eye Care serves as the clinical teaching affiliate for New England College of Optometry.

Comprehensive Clinical Training

Our academic vision centers provides a complete range of eye care services including comprehensive exams, contact lens services, low vision care, pediatric care, vision therapy, and refractive surgery evaluations. Most of our students do at least one clinical placement at our flagship locations during their time at the College, gaining comprehensive clinical experience as part of their professional training.

NECO Center for Eye Care Commonwealth

student smiling in clinicOur Commonwealth location is found at 930 Commonwealth Ave, a mile from the main campus and offers clinic/office hours from Monday to Saturday.

This location houses our Clinical Campus:

  • NECO Center for Eye Care Clinic
  • Optical Center/Dispensary
  • Clinical Annex offering rehabilitative vision services and clinical research
  • Clinical Training Center for students.  

Services: Primary Eye Care • Cornea & Contact Lens • Pediatric Eye Care • Vision Therapy • Low Vision Rehabilitation, • Myopia Control • Consultative Ophthalmic Care.

NECO Center for Eye Care Roslindale

Two students looking at patients eyes through machinesOur Roslindale location is found at 4199 Washington Street in Roslindale, a neighborhood of Boston. This location serves the Greater Roslindale community and provides clinic/office hours from Monday to Saturday. 

This location houses:

  • NECO Center for Eye Care Clinic
  • Optical Center/Dispensary

 Services: Primary Eye Care • Cornea & Contact Lens, • Pediatric Eye Care • Consultative Ophthalmic Care.

Learn more about our clinics at

A Network of Clinical Sites

NECO Center for Eye Care is part of the New England College of Optometry (NECO) Clinical Network. The NECO Clinical Network is the patient care and clinical education subsidiary of New England College of Optometry.  Throughout their four-year clinical training, our students do clinical placements through this network of clinical sites throughout the Greater Boston area, including our specialized locations at Southeastern MA and Perkins School for the Blind, as well as many additional clinical affiliates and community partnerships.  The clinical responsibility grows throughout their time at the College, and providing a variety of sites allows students to experience a diversity of patient cases, eye conditions, and optometric locations.

The NECO Clinical Network is one of the largest providers of optometric services in Massachusetts with nearly 90,000 patient visits annually in more than 43 locations, including many of Greater Boston's community health centers.  Learn more about our clinical network.